WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MARCH #09-23


  • DJ HELL // @Under Club, Buenos Aires [18th February 2023]                                                                                 

3-hour-long masterclass DJ set for the 10th year Anniversary of Buenos Aires’ Under Club by longtime Bavarian electronic wizard and International DeeJay Gigolo Records co-founder DJ Hell.          

  • Brooklyn-based, Miami-bred bass /breaks /techno /electro producer (one-half of Lithium Parasites), ALONZO – “Nikki Don’t Save Me” from upcoming V/A “Machine Funk Is Our Game Volume 6″ EP 12” [Kraftjerkz]

First preview from the always ace Kraftjerkz label’s “Machine Funk” 12″ vinyl series by Brooklyn via Miami bassy futuristic Electro producer Alonzo, who unleashes punchy metallic snares and lacerating hi-hats that drive through menacing slow swells of droning basslines, obsessively jittery and creeping arp loops, surrounded by enigmatic vocoder vocals, to take us on a disturbing trip into the unknown.

  • Tel Aviv based experimental /acid /house /leftfield /electro analog producer, sound artist, musician and DJ (head of Confused Machines label, bass player of Mujahideen, and half of Group Modular), MULE DRIVER “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” off 2-track lathe cut 7″ single “We Don’t Exist” [Confused Machines]

Tel Aviv‘s Mule Driver keeps following his haunting acid-house aesthetics wrapped in analog machine sounds. Titled like the early 60s Tony Richardson/Alan Sillitoe’s New Wave of British Cinema classic film, warm and menacing at the same time hypnotic 303 snarls, amidst clattering beats and stuttering crisp compulsive bassline pileups, enshrouded in slightly distorted distant esoteric synth aura, slowly corroded by acid squelchy loops, lead us into a slow-burning lonesome run of introspective poignancy.

  • French experimental electronic producer, live performer and Microdosing label head, Julienne Dessagne, aka Fantastic Twins ” When It Fades (we fade)” from V/A “MY DEAR” compiled by Denis Stockhausen (KOMPAKT) for the 11th anniversary of his infamous party series “MY DEAR” at Gewölbe, Cologne

Kompakt´s very own Denis Stockhausen, to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the infamous Cologne‘s ‘MY DEAR’ party series, delivers a lush, melodic, atmospheric melange of minimal and deep Techno, House, and Breakbeat to take us high on heady reveries of pure dancing catharsis and euphoria.

  • Italian ambient /library music /kosmische /psych /experimental project by Francesca Bono (vocalist, performer, founder of Ofeliadorme and member of the Donnacirco collective) and Vittoria Burattini (percussionist, multi-faceted drummer and member of influential Italian avant-rock band Massimo Volume), Bono / Burattini “Dancing Demons” from the debut album “Suono In Un Tempo Trasfigurato” on Maple Death.
  • Canadian experimental /ambient /drone sound artist Bradley Deschamps, AKA Anthéne “Artifact” from the new album “Shelter” on DRONARIVM
  • UK ambient /drone /ethereal /electronic sound artist and Deep Space Recordings co-owner Simon Huxtable (Aural Imbalance), Inhmost “Distortion Point” from the album “Above The Sky” [Auxiliary]
  • UK/Australia ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /tape loops duo of Craig Tattersall (Hood, The Remote Viewer, Famous Boyfriend, A Humble Bee) and Erik Williamson, Abandoned Bees “Past and present” from the upcoming cassette album “Remnants” [VAAGNER]
  • Stuttgart, Germany ambient /experimental electronic of musician Joachim Henn (of Ma Cherie for Painting), Perrache “Song with C in D” ltd. lathe cut 7″ single
  • Danish ambient /drone /synth electronic project, Internazionale “Wild Sands” from V/A “A Sure Heart’s Release” EP cassette [Janushoved]
  • Staffordshire, England experimental /psych /dream pop /ambient pop duo Ben Holton & Rob Glover, aka EPIC45 “Vanishing Britain (2019)” from the remastered CD reissue (plus booklet and bonus tracks) of the 2006 album “Drakelow” [Wayside & Woodland Recordings]
  • Dutch Electronic musician and LDI Records head, Erik Griffioen AKA Lloyd Stellar “An Incredible Find” from “Last Day On Earth (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”
  • Yorkshire, UK experimental /ambient /kosmische /modular synth musician Craven Faults – “Odda Delf” from the upcoming double LP “Standers” [The Leaf Label]
  • Chicago, IL experimental electronic music project of Mark Nelson (vocalist and guitarist of Labradford), Pan•American “Quarry A” from the vinyl 12″ album “In Daylight Dub” (first compilation of obscure ambient dub /dub techno compositions from the very start of the 00s) on Foam On A Wave
  • Japanese IDM /Pop /Ambient /Electronic musician Dream Dolphin “Iruka Tachi To Asonda Kioku – Under Water” off “Gaia: Selected Ambient & Downtempo Works (19962003)” retrospective 2xCD/2×12″ compilation [Music From Memory]
  • Mid-’90s Paris based ambient /psych /electronic DJ-producer I:CUBE – “0_0_01_48” from the new album “EYE CUBE” [Versatile Records]
  • Berlin-based Israel-bred acid /kraut /cosmic disco /psych /electronic interdisciplinary storyteller Nathan Dawidowicz “Full Moon Dance” from the upcoming “Sanctuary of Ideas” mini LP [Lustpoderosa]
  • Russian dark electronic ‘brutalist house’ duo from Moscow, ODOPT “Fear” off upcoming “Dolphins / Odopt – Split EP” [Serenades]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina lo-fi /dark ambient /heavy electronics /tribal-industrial/ minimalistic side project of Industrial /Occult /Neo-Folk act Kazeria, AKA Ördo “Chemuel” from debut “Imperathor” LP
  • Bay Area-based, Belgian avant exotica /coldwave /dark electronics /cabaret electronica producer, YNV “EARTH” from V/A “FAKE2-120AMERICA” 2×12” experimental zine/compilation [FAKE]
  • Lithuania/US EBM /new beat /acid industrial /slow psych electronic project of Ernestas Sadau and DKA co-founder Matt Weiner, Free Range “Lizards On The Sun” from the upcoming album “Wild Life” on DKA Records
  • Italian experimental /wave /industrial /techno /electro producer (aka Strangers For Love), Religius Order “Desire” off upcoming V/A “Devil Dancers” cassette compilation [Unrealistic Expectations]
  • Warsaw based industrial /electronic body music /psych /electro /techno producer (part of Ukrainian collective SUMISH), bijū – “Blade Swallowing (sch_tsch remix)” off the cassette EP “Land of Abundance” [SONS OF TRADERS RECORDS]
  • Argentina-based EBM /Italo producer, Axggaa AKA Catskin “V (Termination_800 Remix)” from “Overcome” album [Sufrimiento Records]
  • Tbilisi, Georgian EBM /post-punk /industrial /techno DJ-producer and KHIDI resident Ladouka, aka OTHR “False Promise (Kris Baha Remix)” from upcoming EP “ Scythe Of Vyse” [BITE]
  • Berlin-based IDM /EBM /industrial /hard techno /cyberpunk CubanAmerican musician Joey Blush, AKA Blush Response “SUBMIT” from the 2×12″ album “NEUROSCAPE” [Megastructure]
  • Berlin-based industrial /techno producer Hayden Payne AKA Phase Fatale “Nailed To The Net” from the EP “Nailed To The Net” [BITE]
  • Brussels based EBM /post-punk /electro /coldwave duo ULTRA SUNN “Can You Believe It (Kris Baha Remix)” from the third EP “Kill Your Idols” on Fleisch Records
  • Winnipeg, Canada EBM /techno artist Viva Non “Calling” from “Instance” EP
  • Russian acid /electro /dark techno producer RLGN – “Subcultist (Buzz Kill Remix)” off forthcoming EP “Precious Bricks” [Dionysian Mysteries]
  • Polish post-industrial /new beat /post-EBM /techno /electronic producer (aka Black Sun Dreamer), AKA Trauma Phase “Tailspin” from “II” EP
  • Detroit, MI electronic /EBM /techno duo Comfort Cure “Consume It” from upcoming cassette album “Not My Taste” [detroitindustrial]
  • Auckland, New Zealand Industrial /EBM /Italo /electronic producer Alex K, aka Body Beat Ritual – “Disco Ghost” from “Fixation” EP [Pleasure]
  • Tunisian EBM /industrial /techno DJ-producer Omar Ayari – “Its Arf” from V/A – “Catastrophe” Turkey/Syria earthquake fundraising compilation [Khoinix]
  • UK/Poland EBM /industrial /techno collaboration Randolph & Mortimer Vs MERVH – “Human Systems” from V/A “KLUSTER WINTER” compilation [Kluster]
  • French darkwave /synthwave /electronic project of Sébastien Carl from Bordeaux, HØRD “Bridges (NZM99 remix)” from “Sciences Remixes” EP
  • Spanish industrial /cyberpunk /EBM /dark electronic producer Nightcrawler – “Partners In Pain (Straight Razor Remix)” off “Perverse Frequencies (The Remixes)” remix album
  • Chicks On Speed – “Kaltes Klares Wasser” ( OA Remix )
  • London-based Post-Punk /Italo /New Wave collective SLAXXX “Thin Air (Señor Chugger Remix)” from the second single “Thin Air”
  • Spanish EBM /dark electro /techno DJ /horror disco DJ-producer from Bilbao, WLDV “The Blood And the Dagger” from the EP “The Blood And the Dagger”
  • Vancouver bass /techno artist Destrata from the EP “Squib” [Intercept]
  • Moscow based EBM /industrial /acid /electro /techno producer Kovyazin D – “Acid Is Your Friend” off V/A “ SYSTEM 303 DAY: ACID IS YOUR FRIEND” compilation album [System 108]
  • Palm Beach, FL glitch /bass /electro producer, and CHP head Adam Grow, AKA Grow “Salty Tuna” off “Salty Tuna Cycle” EP [CHP Recordings]
  • London’s IDM /acid /electro producer MOY “Frequency of Creation” from “Dark Frontier” EP [Analogical Force]
  • Aarhus born electro production duo Grammar of Movement and ECXO, aka Parallel Planet – “M3” from split EP “Mixtus Orbis” with Le Matin [Maturre]
  • Berlin-based industrial /techno /breaks /electro producer Serge Geyzel “Soon Now” from “As Fallen Leaves” EP 12” [brokntoys]
  • Pampidoo’s Jamaican ’80s dancehall classic “Synthesizer Voice (Legowelt Remix)” [Rhythm Discs!]
  • Tel Aviv based house /space /dream electronic DJ-producer and Unterman label co-head Josef Laimon, AKA Middle Sky Boom “In The Sky” [Unterman]
  • Dutch ambient /dub /psych /house /slow techno producer Zolder Kelder “Fast Radio Salute”                             
  • Lithuanian experimental /ethnic /electro /kraut /psych /electronic producer Gediminas Jakubka, AKA Patricia Kokett “Das Risiko” off “Psykhe” [Isla to Isla]
  • Berlin-based, Elche, Spain experimental /psych /leftfield /downtempo /trance /electronica DJ-producer Señora – “Tabula rasa” from V/A “Psicobioma Delights [Layer 1]” compilation album [OPENTHENEXT]
  • Italian psych /ethnic /leftfield /downtempo /trance /space electronica producer Oltrefuturo “Danza Emocional” from upcoming EP “Danza Emocional” [Nein Records]
  • Bretagne, France dub /psych /drone /acid /downtempo /electronic DJ-producer and KRAKZH curator (member of The Drift Institute, and Dalle Béton), Theo Muller – “Wild Washing” from V/A “Terpsichore Dance” compilation tape [Sounds Of Ogigia]      
  • Brussels/Philadelphia psych /slow techno /cold disco /acid collaborative project, Strapontin & Zillas on Acid “In Your Mind” from “Acid Straps Vol. 2” EP [Optimo Music]
  • Italian post-punk /acid /indie dance DJ-producer Astroloop – “Inner Voice” off V/A “Love Never Dies” EP [Ombra INTL]                                                                                                                                                           
  • Swedish/French acid /dark disco /synthpop /indie dance longtime partnership of Anna Masurel (aka Ravage Sentimental) and duo Jérôme Darmois and Chris Vella (aka Moderne Romance), AKA Eftersom – “Tourne Tourne (Niv Ast Remix)” off upcoming “Tourne Tourne” EP [Paradise Children Records]                         
  • Barcelona experimental /ambient /tribal /psych /acid /downtempo /house /electronic duo IRO AKA “Kea” off V/A “HUMAN-ONE” compilation [Human Club]
  • Californian downtempo /psych /dub /electronic musician Aaron Coyes (one half of  Peaking Lights), AC – “Cocaine In The Morning” from V/A “FAKE2-120AMERICA” 2×12” experimental zine/compilation [FAKE]
  • Mexican Wave /Body Music /Dark Disco /Electroclash /Techno DJ-Producer, Prince Terrible – “Conmigo (Mijo Remix)” off “Conmigo” EP [Nativo]
  • Valencia, Spanish EBM /wave /disco /indie dance /cosmic Italo producer Roglar “Maybe it’s love (Original Mix)” off upcoming EP [Mélopée Records]
  • Nadanuf – “The Breaks (Apollon Telefax Edit)” [SINCHI EDITS 19] 
  • Mexican/Chilean dark disco /indie dance duo Roswell Brothers feat Susie C – “1984 (JGR Remix)” from “1984” EP [Maleante Records]
  • Swedish/French acid /dark disco /synthpop /indie dance longtime partnership of Anna Masurel (aka Ravage Sentimental) and duo Jérôme Darmois and Chris Vella (aka Moderne Romance), AKA Eftersom – “Tourne Tourne (Niv Ast Remix)” off upcoming “Tourne Tourne” EP [Paradise Children Records]
  • Middlesborough, UK melodic techno /indie dance DJ and Producer, Sahar – “Dust (Dominik Marz Remix)” off “Magenta” EP [Paradiso Records]
  • Cairo, Egypt ambient /bass /noise /breaks /experimental artist Hassan Abou Alam “Please, Let Me Rest”
  • Italian ambient /deep electronica sound artist Simone Giudice “Sequenza” from the album “Alone” [Affin]
  • Berlin-based, Japanese ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /modern classical violinist and composer (tour member of Tangerine Dream), Hoshiko Yamane “One Little White Lie” from the album “Reflections” on Whitelabresc
  • Italian ambient /drone /minimal /experimental collaboration Grotta Veterano & Music For Sleep “If only anything could change you” from “Endless Vacation” book edition series album [Facture/Fluid Audio]
  • North American ambient /IDM /modern classical /deep techno /electronic producer Brock Van Wey | bvdub “Fade to Fall” from upcoming 2xLP album “Fumika Fades” [EC Underground]
  • Georgia ambient /drone-maker Rachel Evans AKA Motion Sickness of Time Travel “Before Dawn” from cassette album “No Domino” [Hooker Vision]
  • UK dark ambient /drone /noise project, Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood “Fade To Dust With Empty Words” from the album “Silence Between Noise”

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