WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – June # 25-21

Photo by Patrick Joust

  • CLUB TULAROSA [APECAST007]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Courtesy of Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Ape-X, L.A. based production /DJ duo Ray Barragan and Lionel Rifkin, aka Club Tularosa, spark their mutual love of Italo disco, post-punk and new wave into a trance-inducing set delving deeply into the most unchartered cosmic and trippy realms of dance music.

  • Barcelona‘s Italo /cosmic disco /electro producer and Italo Moderni label boss, Adrian Marth “Hypnotic Eyes (Geneva Jacuzzi Remix)” off upcoming “Red Nights” EP via Wrong Era and Italo Moderni                                   

Nostalgically familiar yet irresistibly modern, L.A. based artist Geneva Jacuzzi infuses an alluring, juicy dose of her ‘uncompromisingly obtuse synth-driven pop’ vibes to Marth‘s distinctive ’80s electro meets cosmic Italo Disco palette. Anticipatory dance beats ignite, bouncy bass lines, and warm soaring synth swathes with twinkling spacey dimensions around the sensual male/female vocal interplay of secret sassy groans, whispers, and echoes lit by a neon sparkling disco groove, rolling rhythms, and hypnotic rattle shakes, for a secret rendezvous of carnal ecstasies with “Hypnotic Eyes.”                              

  • Barcelona-based, Catalan experimental /techno /EBM /industrial dark electronic artist VINILETTE “Kinky (Feat Arcyniegas)” from upcoming cassette EP “Mysteria” on Fill-Lex Records

An excellent all-around debut equally highly danceable yet cinematically atmospheric, constantly building a densely enwrapping sense of tension and darkness, from Barcelona based, by way of Berlin, Catalan multifaceted dark electronic artist Vinilette. Joined, for the occasion, by fellow Barcelona-based, Colombian producer Arcyniegas, “Kinky” sparks intense crashing beats that stomp mercilessly through EBM-embedded droning bass line treachery, emitting quick flickering sparks of danger around atmospheric ‘kinky’ breathes of euphoric moans to light the dark corridors of the mind with ecstatic whipping electricity.

  • Belgrade experimental /ambient /tribal /psych /acid /downtempo /electronic duo Nebojša Bogdanović and Goran Simonoski, aka TAPAN “Last Call”

Belgrade-based production duo Nebojša Bogdanović (Schwabe) and Goran Simonoski, with a new Middle Eastern-flavoured, tribal and trippy, magical sultry excursion to trigger dark primal vibes, blending ominous pulses with twinkling synth strains, and distant, repetitious beats, that stomp hypnotically through the menace of oscillating bass tones, amidst syncopated crispy percussive patterns, building dynamic textures with cold, spatial expansions and quivering exotic strings, weaving intersecting arcane dimensions of ritual lore and mystery through the mind’s eye of imagination.         

  • The Hague, Dutch experimental /ambient /electro producer Danny Wolfers (aka Gladio, Legowelt), Danny Wolfers “The Next Door Island has Space Science” from the album “Song of Moss” Original Soundtrack for Alexander Falk‘s 2020 short movie
  • Manchester, UK experimental /hypno-beat /techno /psych /synth electronic producer George Thompson aka Black Merlin “Scape One (Gordon Pohl Remix)” from the upcoming new EP on Artificial Dance                         
  • Zürich, Switzerland experimental /kraut /cosmic /wave /electronic producer Angelo Repetto “CP Verletzung” from upcoming “Sundown Explosion” EP via Subject To Restrictions Discs                                                                           
  • UK experimental electronic producer Will Flisk “Son Of Achief The Other One”                                                       
  • Russian experimental /ethnic /dub /world /psych /downtempo electronic producer, composer and multiinstrumentalist from Saint-Petersburg, Arthur Mustafin, aka Translippers “Mezmay Bells” from the album “The Gorge” on Cosmicleaf Records
  • Greek experimental /cinematic /psych /electronic music producer and film director Yannis Veslemes (aka Felizol) from Athens, aka VESLEMES “Magdalene” from the album “Apolithoma” on Invisible Inc
  • Japanese Sci-Fi / Dub / Techno / Drum’n’Bass trio YHVHSQUAD – 勇猛 – from the EP – 勇猛 – on Kurnugû
  • New Zealand experimental /ambient /soundtrack /noise /electronic solo project of Christchurch‘s multi-instrumentalist and DFA-affiliated Shocking PinksNick Harte, aka Mercedes Cambridge “Brute Monde” from the cassette debut album “Adversary” via UK imprint Opal Tapes.
  • Lyon, France experimental /ambient /industrial /downtempo /dubstep /abstract /breaks /electronic producer Jonnnah “Binary Life” from the debut album “Mental & Physical” on Worst Records
  • Swedish occult /industrial /drone /dark electronic composer, sound artist, painter, and author from Gothenburg, MICHAEL IDEHALL “The Fortitude of Thunder (Origin Of Styx Remix)” from “The Fortitude of Thunder Remixes”
  • Madrid experimental /ambient /noise /industrial electronic duo Carlos Arillo & Elia Martín, aka Poupees Electriques “Semimagnetismo – (ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO Remix)” from double CD “électriques!” on Geometrik Records                                                                                                                                                 
  • Marseille, French dark techno duo Acide Mat and Lux la Croix, aka La Croix et La Bannière “Energy ( Sierra Remix )” on Jarring Effects
  • Frankfurt am Main-based Italian EBM/electro/industrial/raw dark electronics project of Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio), aka RAW AMBASSADOR – “Delay Your Midi Connection And Try Again” from V/A “What We Do In The Shadows” via Brazilian label Die Die Die My Darling
  • French dark techno /EBM producer from Le Mans, Xavier Malleret, aka Nasdrowie – “The Fixer” off V/A “Mutated Beat Anthology Vol.1” compilation via Mosaique Records
  • Belgian EBM /dark electro /techno producer Steve Deconinck, aka VV303 “These Days ( Bunker mix )” from “E-Night” EP on Nu Body Records
  • Moscow-based EBM /industrial techno producer Fyodor Feoktistov, aka MESHES “Ролевая Игра (Roleplay)” from upcoming V/A “The Paradigm Shift Vol. 1” EP [Dame – Music]                                                                       
  • Tbilisi, Georgia heavy industrial techno producer Giorgi Kolbaia, aka DOWNWELL – “The Art Of Pleasure” from upcoming V/A “Instinkt VA II 5th Anniversary Edition” compilation on INSTINKT
  • Los Ángeles based EBM /electro /techno producer MACHINO “Disonancia Cognitiva” from “Fragmentos” EP on BODY MUSICK
  • Brazilian acid /breaks /electro /techno producer BETEK – “Genetically Modified Mothafuckas” from “Two Sides of Beauty” EP [FERMA]
  • Israel breakbeat /acid /electro DJ-producer NASTIA Y “House Of Neli” from “Robot Meaheret” EP on Detroit Underground
  • Rotterdam based 90s /acid house /techno DJ/Producer and Self Reflektion label head, STRANGER “Untitlebret” from double 10″ single “Untitlebret / Rok Da Place” (PERSPEKTIV003) on Self Reflektion
  • French ambient /field recordings /techno /psychedelic /ritual /electronic project of Alban Mercier, aka Officium “Grey Blue Eyes” from the upcoming 9-tracks collaborative album “Watching Myself Forget with No Resistance” with Eric Desjeux (Tzii) on OKVLT                                                                                                       
  • Spanish indie dance /dark disco production duo Johan Mila & Andre Texias “Dusty Dance” off upcoming EP on NEIN Records
  • Lithuanian dark disco electronic music producer and DJ from Vilnius, Karolis Drėma a.k.a Shkema “Ispanija (Each Other Remix)” off the double EP “Kronikos Pt. 1” [Good Skills]                                                                                                                      
  • México electronic /dark disco producer Alfredo Cardenas, aka Montessori — “Speed Dating (Original Mix)” from upcoming V/A “Pals Vol. 5” compilation on Play Pal Music                                                                                                                                            
  • Mexico City indie dance duo of Ximena (Controlla.MX boss and resident DJ) and Ali X (Alixander III, Toronto raised, multi-genre producer & director, and the founder of Azarii & III), aka Ali X x Ximena with Dog.ma – You Don’t Even Want To Know Me (Maltitz Remix)” off “The Duchess of Parma” EP on Midnight Operators
  • Madrid based techno /indie dance /dark disco artist and Rotten City Records label boss, Álvaro Cabana “Kali-iuga” from V/A “Ep LTD 004” on Latido Records
  • German disco /electro producer Martin Matiske – “Computer Dance” off “Melodic Motion” EP on Bordello A Parigi
  • Brooklyn-via-Alabama wave /Italo /cosmic disco /electronic producer Aman Ellis, aka AIMES “Bete Noire” off “Tusk Wax Thirty Four” EP [Tusk Wax]                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Toulouse based Electro Nu Italo House Disco French DJ /producer Brandski – “Caribbean Bays” from “Quilting” EP [Mélopée]                                                                                                                                           
  • London, UK synthwave /cosmic /Italo disco producer Louis De Tomaso – “James” from V/A “Liquid Sky” EP on Ritmo Fatale
  • UK house /electro /techno /electronic producer BRASSICA “Arkancide” from upcoming V/A “Driving Blind (Vol.2)” on Les Yeux Orange
  • Scotland 90s inspired acid house /rave /electronic new alias Galaxy 82 – “Equinox (Extended Mix)” off debut EP on Limbo                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Tel Aviv-based ambient /Balearic /deep house /electronic producer Takiru “Je T’aime” off forthcoming EP for Amsterdam’s Karakter Records.                                                                                                                                 
  • Tokyo, Japan psych /minimal /techno MPC finger drummer Keito Suzuki, aka KΣITO – “Kannon Yu (Tolouse Low Trax South Atlas Remix)” from “Manget” Mini-LP on Knekelhuis                                                                     
  • Moscow based industrial /techno DJ /production duo Maytreya & Dzen – “Kali Uga” from the album “Svyatogor” on Russia Detox
  • Del Mar, CA experimental /ambient /drum & bass /breakbeat /electronic musician, film composer, recording artist, Auxiliary label owner, James Clements aka ASC “Lucid Dream” from “Slow Down / Lucid Dream” 12″ EP on Over/Shadow
  • UK experimental /ambient /techno /electro producer Kurt Baggaley, aka Scape One “No Image in the Screen (Deflected Mix)” from the album “Fade to Screens”
  • Australian acid /techno /electro producer Lonely Faces “YesFX” from “Rotation” EP on Slice Records
  • Krakow’s mutant industrial acid electro duo Olivia and Chino, aka Radiation 30376 “Lost” from the upcoming EP “Arka” on Pinkman
  • French electro DJ/Producer from Toulouse, Brandski “Signal Flow (Blast Attack Remix)” from his forthcoming EP “Signal Flow Remix” on Atix’s Label Division Virtuel Records.                                                                           
  • Paris electronic artist and one half of Justice, Gaspard Augé “Belladone” from the debut album “Escapades” on Ed Banger Records
  • Parisian dub /minimal techno artist Casual Treatment “The Night at The Jazz Club” off upcoming “Instinctive Flow EP” on Hayes.
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan house /techno /disco producer Sascha Koch “Hoppa Disco” off new 2-track single “Bana”
  • Edinburgh, UK lo-fi /deep /techno /electro /synth electronic producer LINKWOOD “Dust Jacket” from the album “Mono” on Athens Of The North
  • German ambient /minimal /kraut /soundtrack /electronic music project of Matthias Cingoez, aka Chorchill “Paperships” from the album “Shakmat”
  • UK ambient /drum & bass /electronica producer and Pseudonym Records co-founder Sam Black, aka SLACKER “Deep In The Forest, A Sacred Pool” from the upcoming double album “What Would I Do With Saturn” on Lobster Theremin                                                                                                                                 
  • Southern Italian experimental /ambient /electronic artist (owner of Out-Electronic Recordings – Out-ER) Simone Gatto “Imaginary Landscapes” from the fourth album “Mindful Life” on Pregnant Void.
  • Czech Republic experimental ambient/drone/electronic artist Blochemy “Lues” from the album “Aithem” on Whitelabrecs.
  • Japanese ambient /drone /chillout /electronic musician & sound designer KENJI KIHARA “Magic Hour” title track from the upcoming album “Magic Hour”
  • UK/US ambient /abstract jazz /classical project of musicians Hugh (half of the Scottish duo Vazz) and L.A. based Brian (aka Anenon), Hugh Small & Brian Allen Simon “Source & Origin” from the upcoming 12″ EP “The Side I Never See” on Melody As Truth
  • Early 90s Swedish dark ambient /industrial project by Peter Andersson, aka Raison d’être “Extrication From The Eternal Certitude (Daemoniacum)” from “Daemonum & Daemonicum” 30th-anniversary limited special edition of “Daemonum”, on double CD /triple LP plus the bonus album, “Daemoniacum”, on Cyclic Law

Patrick Joust Photography