WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // APRIL #17-24

Gabriele Basilico, Glasgow, 1969 © Gabriele Basilico


  • Comme Des Larmes invite AYSHEL

Guest on Rumore-led Label, Podcasts Comme Des Larmes, the young Greek DJ based in Athens delivers a Techno-rooted selection located somewhere between Tribal Beats, Hypnotic Melodies and Industrial Sounds, through a constant exploration of dark and aetherial atmospheres while also trying to bridge her metal music origins with Industrial and Trancey elements.

  • UK IDM /electro /dub /techno /trance /breaks producer Edward Current, aka Neo Dymium “Push And Pull” from the upcoming cassette album “Nd-Fe-B” [Bricolage]

Heady and thought-provoking “Push And Pull” rolls wavering Detroit-infused atmospheric liquid pads and crisp tinny broken beats, crackling into a dark mesmerizing path of mystery and intrigue through increasingly tense syncopated spirals of murky buzzing low-ends and angsty swooshing synth chords creating a sentient “Push and Pull” sensation, to conjure up both romanticized past and dystopic future sounds all at once.

  • London-based ambient /bass /techno /dubstep /breakbeat /drum & bass DJ-producer MANTRA – “Stomping Ground” from “Burn & Heal” EP 12″ [Ilian Tape]

4-cuts of “Invigorating Stomping Chakra Grounding” wrapped in a thick dark dubstep ambience, with heady vocal echoes over disturbing synth frequencies, warm wobbling bass grooves and shifting and intricate compelling layerings of knocking crisp percussive patterns and tinny rolling breakbeats, to spark compulsive rhythmic-induced riveting trippy lure.

  • Scottish groovy psychedelic /downtempo /electronic wanderer Kusht “A Song For The Shade” from “Canopy Callin” EP [Paradise Palms Records]

Drawing from global influences, the Scottish cosmic music storyteller arouses a sultry and obsessive intoxicating swaying bounce of icy fluttering synth blankets, incoming drones, snappy echoes, and rattling metallic crisp percussions, to immerse the listener into a heady drifting mirage of abstract visions.

  • Hyogo, Japan-based ambient /field recordings /piano artist Masakatsu Takagi “Marginalia #156”
  • Miami-based ambient /field recordings /new age /dub /devotional sound project of artist and hypnotist of Philippine origin, Kristen Soller, aka Taupe Set XL “Abyss” from the upcoming “Swamp Prayer” LP 12″ [enmossed]
  • Portland , OR ambient /cinematic /beats /hip-hop /dreampop /trip-hop /electronic Cascadian producer Hyacinth. “glass house with a pile of boulders” from “do you feel nothing?” album [peradam tapes.]
  • Copenhagen, Denmark experimental electronic artist Ryong “I don’t wanna reset” from the debut album “Isa Ryong” [Posh Isolation]
  • Sofia, Bulgaria dark ambient electronic music project Dream Sequencer “The Phantom Ship” from the album “Places that Almost Existed”
  • Michigan ambient /drone /pastoral /electro-acoustic /solo project of sound artist and graphic designer Michael Cottone, The Green Kingdom “Shadowplay” from the CDr album “Arcadian” [Sound In Silence]
  • Indianapolis-based drone /ambient trio of Zach Frizzell (aka zakè), Marc Ertel, and Damien Duque (aka City of Dawn), aka Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea “Reveries” from the CD/vinyl album “Reveries” [Sonic Cathedral / Past Inside The Present]
  • US ambient /drone /soundscape /electronic sound artist Sanys – “Passing Through” from the upcoming cassette V/A “Source Foray” compilation LP [Somnambulant Drift]
  • Cork, Irish ambient /noise / experimental electronic producer Eamon Ivri (aka Mineral Stunting), aka Lighght “The smoke dissipates” from “In The Red Eye of the Evening” LP [Phantom Limb]
  • Gloucestershire, UK ambient /drone /field recordings /minimal /modern classical /electroacoustic artist, Andrew Heath “An Occurrence of Automatic Writing” from the CD album “The Cloud Machine [Whitelabrecs]
  • Los Angeles-based ambient /drone /experimental /psychedelic multi-instrumentalist (Hala Strana, Ulaan Khol, Ulaan Markhor, Ulaan Passerine, etc.), Steven R. Smith “The Magpie” from the album “Olive” LP 12″ [Worstward Recordings / Soft Abuse]
  • Brooklyn, NY-based ambient /drone /slowcore /experimental /electronic artist A Dream Called Visiting Angels “Beach Again” from “Sustained” LP [Vivarium Recordings]
  • Athens, Greece ambient /drone /cinematic /avant-garde /neo-classical composer  Apostrophe “Lethargy” from “Cinématique / Lethargy”
  • Modena, Italy/Stockholm, Sweden ambient /drone /experimental /field recordings /minimalism multi-instrumentalists, Marco Lucchi & Henrik Meierkord “The Scripture of the Golden Eternity” from “Lieder Ohne Worte” album [Chitra Records]
  • Italian ambient /drone /field recordings /meditative /electronic project Six Rivers National Forest “Sierra Sounds” from cassette album “Folklore” [Peak]
  • Berlin-based ambient /jazz /shoegaze /trip-hop /psych /experimental electronic artist exael, aka Naemi “Olivia Prime w/ Jason Graf” from “Dust Devil” 2xLP 12″ [3XL]
  • Berlin-based ambient /electro-acoustic /experimental modular techno producer Jessica Kert “Let Me In” from “Modulisme Session 105” album [Modulisme]
  • Vienna, Austria ambient /broken beats /deep electronica producer Zanshin “Unsunk” from “Unsung” EP [Affine Records ]
  • Perth, Western Australia left-of-centre hardware electronics project of Rupert Thomas (Erasers), Leaving “Mirrored Feeling” from the second album “Hidden View” via Moon Glyph and Pouring Dream
  • Lille, French ambient /IDM /experimental /electronic producer Clément Decaudin, aka Bancal “Cancel” from the debut cassette LP “L’Eau Qui Dort” [Martine Ravage Records]
  • Hove, UK-based IDM /techno /breakbeat /dance /experimental /veteran electronic producer and Planet Mu label owner, Mike Paradinas (aka Jake Slazenger, Tusken Raiders, Kid Spatula, Frost Jockey.), µ-Ziq “Hyper Daddy” off upcoming album “Grush” [Planet Mu]
  • Köln, German ambient /cinematic /breakcore /jazz /chamber music /avant folk /experimental artist (aka тпсб ), Firnis DC “Augen Offen” from “Firnis der Civilisation” LP [FELT]
  • Morón, Argentina ambient /IDM /chillwave /drum & bass /downtempo /electronic producer GENDEMA “It’s okay to kill an atheist” from the cassette album “Sassy Things” [NO PROBLEMA TAPES]
  • UK IDM /funk /downtempo /hip-hop /breaks /dub /techno producer and Waxing Crescent Records head, Phil Dodds “Lunar Journey” from “Many Moons” LP [Waxing Crescent Records]
  • Californian ambient /beats /hip-hop /downtempo /instrumental /electronic producer David Madson, aka Odd Nosdam “Hellium” from the album “False Hood”
  • Antwerp, Belgium ambient ethnic dub drone experimental electronic producer BedouinDrone – “Intifadat al-Aqsa” from فلسطين EP
  • Thai ambient /psych /trance /tribal deep techno poetry performance artist Tul Waitoonkiat – “Nueng Kamtham (Black Merlin Exploration Mix)” from “Nueng Kamtham” EP 12″ [Siamese Twins Records]
  • West Coast, Australia house /progressive trance producer Guy Contact “Sonar Quartz” off “Energy Obsession” EP 12″ [Craigie Knowes]
  • Copenhagen-based hypnotic /tribal /groovy psych /downtempo Lithuanian brother duo Deserted Island – “Katunga” off “Katunga” EP [Good Skills]
  • Maidenhead, UK cosmic disco /house brainchild of resident DJ & Founder of “Solid Gold”, Agent Cooper, aka Bedford Falls Players “Fallen Off The Sample – Re-visited”
  • Cologne, German improv /kraut /jazz /chillwave /groovy electronic group Peak Of Normal – “Hava” from V/A “Basso presents: Sitting In Trees” (compiled by John Mayer band member Basso) LP 12″ [International Feel]
  • Amsterdam-based Ambient /Organic House /Downtempo artist Trippin Jaguar featuring Mara Tieles “Turia – (Jonas Schilling Remix)” [Amselcom]
  • London-based acid /Balearic /chug /psych /Madchester /indie-dance /downtempo /electropop duo Jessie Fahnestock and Emilia Harmony, aka Electric Blue Vision “Trance Stance (Time Machine Dropouts Mix)” from “Trance Stance” EP [Electric Wardrobe Records]
  • Manchester, UK acid house /chug /cosmic disco /psych rock /electronic producer Lewis Olsen, aka Psychederek “Nowhere To Nowhere” from upcoming “ALT!” hand stamped 12″ EP [Sprechen]
  • Lithuanian acid /psych /downtempo /electronic artist Liudas Lazauskas, aka Roe Deers “Shoes” from “Landscape” EP [Feines Tier]
  • Melbourne-based acid /trance /breaks /tech house duo Dashiell and Will Holden (of Hybrid Man), aka Ebbs N Flow “Deep Dream” from “Bunch Of Amateurs” EP 12″ [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
  • Paris-based, Lyon breaks /progressive house /trance producer Subsism – “Infinite Floatation” from V/A “La Grande Côte” compilation [Tustance Corp.]
  • Ukrainian IDM /dub /acid /tribal /psych /trance /breakbeat /electronic artist shjva “X-Side” from upcoming “WAR1209″ EP 12” [Warning]
  • Frankfurt am Main acid /slow techno /downtempo /tribal /breakbeat /psych /wave /trance /electronic producer Tassilo Vanhöfen – “Cavern Of Testing” from V/A “Unreleased Territory vol. 5: Low Voltage” LP [Electric Shapes]
  • Israeli psych /krautrock /downtempo /electronic artist RINA “For Your Mind (Original Mix)” Secret Potion series number 35 [Playground Records]
  • UK experimental /library music /tribal /percussion project by percussionist and sculptor Joao Pais Filipe, composer and drummer Valentina Magaletti and producer Leon Marks, aka CZN “Readline Gossip” from the split EP 12″ with Serpente “Oferendas” [Lovers & Lollypops]
  • Cologne-based, Greek old school drum & bass /jungle /breakbeat producer Pera Sta Ori “Ramed Assists” from “Hix Hax” EP 12″ [To Pikap Records]
  • Brazilian techno /house /electro DJ-producer Bernardo Junqueira, aka Betek – “The After March” off V/A “Code of Conduct” EP 12″ [FERMA]
  • Italian ambient /IDM /braindance /acid /electro /analog synthesizer producer Caramel Chameleon “Illused To Be Free” from V/A “Secret Stairs vol.2″compilation cassette [Florklang Records]
  • Enigmatic French machine funk /electro producer KafkaCtrl ‘‘Reflexive Closure’’ from the V/A Compilation “New World Vol. 2” album [Tiger Weeds]
  • Bristol, UK-based acid /bass /breaks /electro DJ and producer K-65 “Heavyweight” off “Heavyweight” EP 12″ [DEXT Recordings]
  • Glaswegian IDM /braindance /hyper pop /metallic /percussive /warp electro /electronic experimental electronic musician Lanark Artefax – “Meszthread” from “Metallur” EP 12″ [AD 93]
  • Dutch techno /wave /EBM /electro DJ-producer Wessel Janssen, aka The Spy “Speed Boxer” from the upcoming “Halt and Hack” EP 12″ [KRI]
  • Vilnius-based new beat /psych /techno /leftfield electronic DJ-producer John Patter – “The Risk” off “Uneven Accents” EP [Samo Records]
  • Canadian dark ambient /dub /noise /industrial /minimal drone /electronics project of Cyclic Law, Cavsas and Aesthetical record labels head Frederic Arbours (Visions, Skorneg, Stärker), aka Purgate “Starlight” from upcoming LP “Transcend” [OPAL]
  • France/Belgium ritual /dark ambient /tribal /rhythmic noise /downtempo /dark electronics collaboration between Gwenn Trémorin (of Flint Glass) & Herman Klapholz (of Ah Cama-Sotz), Flint Glass & Ah Cama-Sotz “Kamayura” from the album “Wakan tanka” [Ant-Zen]                      
  • Raleigh, NY abstract electronic /drum & noise techno /metallic rhythmic sonics /experimental producer David B. Applegate “4” from “Donks” EP [Immigrant Breast Nest]
  • Bielefeld, Germany post-industrial /power noise/industrial techno project of Philipp Münch & Tim Kniepfrom, Synapscape “Haut Cuture” from “Catwalk massacre” [Ant-Zen]
  • Berlin-based industrial /EBM /drone /techno /dark electronic artist and Tales of Psychofonia label/blog head HelenA MArkos, aka Helena Markos “I smell your decay” from “Synthium” EP [Tales of Psychofonia]
  • L.A. goth coldwave /post-punk project DEATHFAUNA “”When It All Comes Crashing Down (KNOWNPLEASURES Remix (INSTRUMENTAL)
  • Berlin-based EBM /techno /industrial /wave /synth-punk /dark electronics solo project of American artist Oliver Chesler, aka The Horrorist “Behind the Door” from the album “The Sky is the Floor”
  • Italian ritual /industrial /dark techno producer and Vūmantra Records founder, – “Cruda (Nigh/T\mare Remix)” from the collaboration EP with Nigh/T\mare “SPLIT 2” [VūMantra Records]
  • Madrid-based EBM /industrial techno Pamplona‘s DJ-producer and Barro Music Label head, NÖLE – “Shaktale” from “Electro Bloody Music” EP 12″ [Barro Music Label]
  • Barcelona industrial hard techno DJ-producer Ruben Seoane “Silk Hunter” off upcoming “Solstice” EP 12″ [Persephonic Sirens]
  • Parisian industrial techno DJ-producer Mind I Matter “L’apostat” from  “La Complainte des Damnés” EP 12″ [Forbidden Teachings]
  • Thessaloniki, Greece-based EBM /Industrial /Italo Body /Techno DJ-producer Alpha Sect – “Telos Tou Kosmou” from “Fragmented Reality” EP 12″ [SOIL]
  • Greece/Ukraine EBM /Acid /Noise /Industrial /Techno production duo  The Hanged Man & Extensive Infarction – “Rooted Negativism” off  V/A ” Specters and Hunters” cassette compilation [S H I S H I]
  • UK EBM /New Beat /Industrial /Techno /Electronic act from Sheffield, Randolph & Mortimer “Flesh Style feat. Andi (Austher Remix)” from the remix EP “The Future of Truth” [Surface Reality]
  • Berlin-based Australian cyber body /EBM /techno producer Kris Baha “Idorus Grid” from the cassette “Cyber Body Music Vol.1” EP [Kindcrime Recordings]
  • Berlin-based EBM /techno /minimal electro-wave /synth-punk Mexican DJ-producer and Miseria label head honcho, Carlos GrabStein, a.k.a. 89st “DangeroUSly Close” from upcoming V/A “Suicide Rituals Vol.1” cassette compilation [Phobia Tapes]
  • Berlin based new beat /body music /dark disco /Italo producer Zee Mon “Kisses In The Dark (Mufti Remix)” from the upcoming cassette EP “Kisses In The Dark” [Crave Tapes]
  • German/Turkish electroclash /indie dance collaboration Fukkk Offf & Smitech Wesson (feat. Adam Stinemetz) – “Good Time (Romina Cohn & Naiborg Remix)” off “GoodTime” EP [Space Factory Records]
  • EBM /indie dance /wave /dark disco collaboration between Berlin-based Greco–German DJ duo and Russian producer Alex Twitchy, aka Local Suicide & Velax “I Feel Inclined” off upcoming “Unorthodox Orthodox” EP [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Moscow industrial music /acid house /EBM producer ANTON LEVDIKOV – “Umbriza (JULIA KONOR Remix)” off ” The Umbra is Going Wild” EP [Bravers]
  • Mexican EBM /dark disco /slow-techno/electronic musician and producer Alacrán del Amor “Decentralized Systems (Disco Morato Remix)” off “Dark Waves” EP [Nein Records]
  • Guadalajara, Mexico indie dance /dark disco / electronic production duo Andre VII & Vongold – “Kiss of Thrill” from V/A “Jarana vol.3” compilation [TEQWAVE]
  • Luxembourg, Belgium cosmic Italo disco DJ-producer Pianopoli – “Second Chance” off upcoming V/A “A Retro Futuristic Collage Vol. 2” compilation [Club Mackan]
  • Minnesota-based Darkdisco/ Electro/ Italo producer, DJ & Lametta Records owner, Caligari “Porno Kino (Borgie Italorama Mix)” off “Moonlight” EP [Adriatiko Recordings]
  • French retro-futurism /funk /cosmic nu-disco producer from Paris, Moustache Machine “Kick-Off” single
  • Berlin-based New Beat /Indie Dance /Italo Disco Chilean musician and producer Manuel Ortuzar (one half of Random Atlas and co-founder of Odd Pleasures imprint), Aural Trace – “White Rose” from V/A “Buone Vacanze Vol. 4″ EP 12” [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Cardiff, UK retro /Italo /synthwave artist Gina Calabrese “The Afternoon Plane” from the cassette edition of the 2016 classic  S/T album “Gina Calabrese” [TimeSlave Recordings]
  • London-based ambient /drone /field recording experimental artist Kate Carr “Roadworks in Shepperton” from upcoming album “Midsummer, London” [Persistence of Sound]
  • UK ambient /drone /post-rock /cinematic /electro-acoustic collaboration between Jon Attwood (JA / Yellow6) and Ray Robinson (RR / Wodwo), JARR “Errata” from the CDr 4th album “All These Past Lives” [Sound In Silence]
  • Dutch ambient /drone /minimalist /modern classical long-form collaboration of clarinettist Monica Bugajny and bass clarinettist Gareth Davis, aka Gareth Davis & Monika Bugajny “Becoming” [Moving Furniture Records]
  • New Haven, CT improv /church music /noise /microtonal organ /pedal steel drone music duo of Henry Birdsey and Zach Rowden, aka TONGUE DEPRESSOR “From The Crypt” cassette live album [Recorded live in the crypt of Trinity College Chapel in Hartford, October 6th, 2023]
  • Honley, UK ambient /drone /electronica composer Thomas Ragsdale (aka FFION), aka Sulk Rooms “The Circus Bear” (bonus) from the 2022 album “Viewers (Expanded)” CD box set
  • Russian dark ambient /field recordings /drone sound artist, sonnov “Lebzani” from the album “Uchhov”
  • V/A “Twos and Threes – A Home Normal Mix” by James Murray [15th anniversary Home Normal label mixtapes series]

Gabriele Basilico, Glasgow, 1969 © Gabriele Basilico, g.c

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