WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Photo by Jiří Šebek

Picks Of The Week:

  • London/Liverpool, UK dark minimal synth /coldwave /primitive electronic music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “What’s Left To Take” from the new EP “Dead Echoes”

Brand new EP of seductive and evocative ‘primitive’ synth sounds for UK musician, informed by the gloriously futuristic 80s Synth Britannia heritage, made of strident and dizzying synth riffs, stinging pop hooks and caustic social commentary, for one of the best independent voices in the current synth music panorama.

  • Post-Punk/Darkwave duo from Barcelona, VACIO NEGRO “Sacrifice” from second EP “Rose Garden Funeral”

Second 4-track EP for Barcelona‘s darkwavers equally split in synth-laden claustrophobic and introspective, mournful dirges and bursts of hard-edged guitar lines of PiL-like hallucinatory vibes, that crackle and pierce the dim mist underpinned by dismal deep bass pulsations in a dense and danceable magma of obscure sensations.

  • Portland-based Goth Techno/Darkwave/Post-Punk project by Conor Knowles, aka DANCING PLAGUE “No Life” from the upcoming album “Too Still” out August 30 on Dead Age Records/Wave Records

First preview from the upcoming sophomore album for the now Portland based Conor Knowles with unmistakable and impeccable combination of goth-tinged brooding darkwave and hypnotic techno rhythms over his unique haunting baritone voice that will make you dance your darkness out!

  • Israel‘s drone, doom, dark-folk singer/songwriter (half of the duo Cruel Wonders), ZERESH “The Ways Of Death (feat. Sara Krasemann)” 1st single out of Zeresh’s debut full length album “Farewell” out september 1, 2019 on 999 CUTS
  • Moscow, Russia dream pop/coldwave/new wave solo project by In a Lonely Place vocalist, Пожар aka Pohzar ‘Не просто так’
  • Russian experimental/post-industrial/post-punk from St. Petersburg, ROSA DAMASK “Our Heroes Are Leaving Us, Our Heroes Are Gone” from cassette 6-tracker “Heroes” on Hospital Productions
  • Greek post-punk/darkwave group based on Patra, Grey Gallows “Nothing will remain” new single.
  • Vienna-based Polish dark electronic artist and Oramics collective member Mala Herba – “Wszystko Marność // Omnia Vanitas” new single.                                                                                                                             
  • Perth based DIY psych synth-heavy darkwave/new wave duo of UIU‘s Greg Weir and Belinda Eldridge, aka TRUCK STOP ALIEN – ‘The Machine Isn’t Living’ new single from the upcoming EP due out around the end of July                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Post-punk/darkwave/coldwave duo from Southern California, MANNEQUIN “Lines” from new EP “Nocere”
  • Argentinian minimal wave/darkwave artist from Córdoba, Ditta Perdita “Ilegalidad impuesta” from V/A “Memorias de un Continente III” on Infravox Records                                                                                           
  • Swiss dark synth/darkwave/synth-pop solo project from St.Gallen, Carlo Onda “Wünsch dir was”                            
  • Gothic/post punk/coldwave musician from Finland, JOEL AUKUSTI PEKSUJEFF “tahto, tottumus” from 2-track single “kesäopinnot”
  • Seattle, Washington anarcho goth deathrock/post-punk band MEDUSA STARE “FIRES OF BELTANE” from the upcoming S/T debut album.
  • Italian post-punk/gothic rock/deathrock band Der Himmel Über Berlin “Blind Empire” from upcoming album “Chinese Voodoo Dolls” on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • German mid-80s dark punk-wave band FLIEHENDE STÜRME “Sensation” from the new album “Neun Leben” on Alice In…
  • Minsk, Belarus noise rock/post-punk band КИБЕРГРЯЗЬ [cybergriazz] ‘Зубная щетка’ debut single                      
  • Lisbon, Portugal minimal wave/darkwave project started in 2014 by Carlos Magalhães and Virgilio Santos, The Dreams Never End “Cor da Alma”
  • Bandung, Indonesia minimal wave/minimal synth solo project GRAPHIC LATIN “Graceful Rituals” from new EP “Vatican Laundry” on Heavenly Punks
  • Melbourne, Australia new wave/post-punk/punk band DR SURE’S UNUSUAL PRACTICE “Catch Up” from the debut album “The West” through Marthouse Records                             
  • New Orleans, Louisiana punk band BUCK BILOXI – “They Don’t Live” from V/A “European tour” 7″ EP with PSCIENCE, TRAMPOLINE TEAM, MICHAEL HE-MAN on Goodbye Boozy records                                                             
  • Melbourne, Australia post-punk outfit TERRY – ”Bizzo And Tophat” from Terry’s brand new ”Who’s Terry?” 7″ EP out July 19th through Upset The Rhythm.                                                                                                         
  • Mexico City indie/post-punk/new wave trio Neon Nineteen “Lonely Night” from S/T EP on We are one Records                                                                                                                                                       
  • San Francisco, CA post punk/dream pop/dark synth-pop duo Ice Cream Head “Brick Wall” from the album “Hit the Skids”
  • Minneapolis‘ new wave/coldwave/synthwave project of former member of The Black Roses, Cliff Mitchell, aka VANITY LINES “Fire Without Flame” new single from the sophomore EP due out later in the year on his own New Hex Records
  • Danish harpist (with Mangled Electronics), Christoffer Bagge‘s Totem collaborator and audiovisual artist from Copenhagen Trina Echidna, aka MOUTH WOUND ” Blinding Hindsight” new song from upcoming 2019 EP ‘Nebulae’                                                                                                                                                         
  • Bogotà, Colombia electroclash/coldwave/synth-pop one-girl-band project of Niebla Páramo, SECRETISMO “Lady Lazarus” from debut EP “Draumur” on Tres Incendios Temporales
  • Belgian dark minimal electro wave project of Kurt Vanhollebeke, Black Snow In Summer “Distance”                   
  • Manchester, UK retro wave/synth-pop/goth-pop audio project of Pascal Carton (also AccroGeist) and Amy Williams, aka Mördelin “The Balance” off of debut 6-track EP “Preface”
  • German new wave /synth-pop solo project of Kay Saschnitt from Saarbrücken, KAYSA “You and Me” new single
  • Northern Irish synth electronic musician based in Belfast, Crystalline Stricture “Strapped Up”                       
  • Tallinn, Estonia electronic/industrial/darkwave/synth-pop project of Kadri Sammel aka Bedless Bones “Lip Labor”                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Los Angeles based new wave/darkwave/electro-pop project of Carlo Mancia, MortalBoy “Precious Blood” from the new album “a la lone”
  • US post-punk/darkwave/coldwave duo of Daniel Srungaram (Two One Six) & Dante Palomba (Casuistry), NEW TODAY ”Apathetic Agony” from the new EP “Hell Him”
  • Malang, Indonesian goth cold wave / post-punk band, Ultraviolence “Things Seen Are Temporal”                   
  • Austrian darkwave/coldwave/post-punk trio from Vienna, Crystal Soda Cream – “Totaler Stillstand” from the new album “Things Don’t Talk” on Wilhelm show me the Major Label
  • Minneapolis‘ Goth/Post-punk trio GLOOM ROOM “Reckless Domain” from upcoming debut EP
  • Italian synthwave/darkwave/post-punk duo from Naples, HAPAX “Elegy” from the new third album “Monade” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Vermont‘s coldwave/minimal wave/synthpop solo project Triumphant Race “Soon”                                           
  • London, UK coldwave/synth-pop/post-punk ‘out wave’ artist Bram Droulers “Sun” from “Some Observations” EP
  • Los Angeles post witch-house/occult electronic/darkwave duo D/SIR “Black Cat” from the new album “All That Was Left” on Basic Unit Productions
  • Berlin-based dark synth electronic duo of Carmen Burguess & Tomás Nochteff aka Mueran Humanos “Los Problemas del Futuro / Problems of The Future” from the third album “Hospital Lullabies” out now on Cinema Paradiso Records
  • Palmira, Colombia industrial/minimal synth/minimal wave solo project HUMAN 80 “El arte de la guerra” from the “Crash” EP on Navel Records
  • Greek DIY darkwave/post-punk/new wave/synthwave project from Thessaloniki, Βραδύπνοια ”Το Ζύγισμα” from s/t debut album
  • Croatian industrial/EBM/synth-pop/darkwave/ethereal/shoegaze/new wave side-project of Cyborgs On Crack‘s Domagoj Kršić, Mind Teardown – ‘Not A Pineapple’ from the new album ”Find”
  • French post-punk/coldwave project of Yannick Rault (Triple Sun), Closed Mouth – “Mouth To Mouth” (The Glove cover originally 1983)                                                                                                                                              
  • Russian coldwave/sadcore/post-punk side project of Samara‘s one-man band Lifeless, NMDA ‘Несознательность/Irresponsibility’ title track of the new EP.
  • Australian Doom Folk/Goth Blues solo project from Brisbane, The Steady As She Goes “Chrome Cromlech” from the new album “Caldera”
  • Hamburg based anonymous synth riot-punk project MONTAGE “Ohne Dich” on la pochette surprise records                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Freakish Synthetic Oddity from pervert teenagers living in the remote countryside of France, Cosmica Perversita “Emilie” from s/t album on Bazaar
  • Alicante, Spain dream pop/synth-pop/post-punk solo project, dogma 95 “triped” from the second EP “usemypitasanashtray”
  • Rostov-On-Don-based, Ukrainian electronic synth-pop/dream pop /post-punk/new wave project of Dmitry Gruber (aka Hjördis-Britt Åström), Galatée “Let The Devil Save Your Souls” new single

Photo by Jiří Šebek