WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #49

Marina Black Photography

  • Edgy Electronic Beats DJ Set 02/12/20 by Odilon’s Grip                                                                                       

This week’s Edgy Electronic Beats DJ Set is jammed with unreleased tracks from La Chatte and QEK Junior, new music from Staatseinde, Die Selektion, Alessandro Adriani, Djedjotronic, Mufti, Insepulto, Wachita China, Leroy Se Meurt, Cavalry Stone, great tracks by Kinder aus Asbest and Gudrun Gut, and many others. For the full tracklist check Odilon’s Grip Mixcloud page here.

  • “FORBIDDEN FIGURES “ A Support Compilation for NAO KATAFUCHI

A huge 34 track compilation album, with some of the finest voices in today’s underground synth music, to help aid fellow musician Nao Katafuchi with mounting legal fees due to an injurious legal claim for a third party music video upload from which the Germany-based Japanese musician was not involved in the creative process. Support Nao if you can…

  • Chicago, Il EBM/Industrial/post-punk/dark techno/darkwave/coldwave collaboration featuring Patrixia x Replicant, CHOKE “Tension” debut single                                                                                                 

Chicago based dystopian dark synth wavers REPLICANT join forces with the sensual and haunting vocalizations of fellow DJ/Producer PATRIXIA, under the CHOKE moniker, with a menacing technoid darkwave number, with ominous oscillating bass pulses send shocks of trembling fear through the dense dance beats percolating hot rhythms, while minimal sensually aloof male and female robo-fused vocals’ release slow, lusty “Tension”, amid warm piercing synth strains in hypnotic expansion.

  • Vienna, Austria new wave/synthpop/synthwave solo project of Theresa Adamski (Crystal Soda Cream and Lady Lynch), The Damski “Dance of the Cynical” new single                                                                               

Sliding away from my attention last week along with the accompanying video, why not recover the sophomore minimal coldwave single by Viennese musician under THE DAMSKI alias, whose droning and hypnotizing bass sequences, mechanical rhythms, and 80s-tinged glaring, swirling synth melodies sew pain and drama around intense and emotional introspective vocals releasing anxiety and doubt into the disturbing reflection on the “Dance of the Cynical.” Theresa Adamski lends his voice to her bandmate in Lady Lynch, Christian Sundl, as SUNDL, in a track from his just-released intriguing debut album delivering off-kilter dark electronica for the always refreshing Cut Surface label worth checking out.

  • Norwegian coldwave/electro/post-industrial/angst-pop producer Kim Sølve, aka Blitzkrieg Baby “Violence” (unreleased track) off upcoming lathe cut 7″ vinyl single on Justin Hrabe’s Mustard Relics label

Kim Sølve‘s Blitzkrieg Baby delivers a thought-provoking socio-political essay on violence on the post-industrial dark electro new single, who triggers sinister icy bright synth notes tinkling melodies cut by droning whirlwinds of bass danger and mechanical lashing beats, welding fear and menace around eerily whispered male vocals, unleashing restrained, uninhibited thoughts on “Violence.”

  • Rhode Island-based experimental industrial artist, composer, and performer Kristin Hayter aka LINGUA IGNOTA “KYRIE” from “THE CALIGULA DEMOS” album
  • French/US exclusive collaboration Laurent Prot and Minimal Wave label founder covering Suicide‘s 1977 anthem, In Aeternam Vale + Veronica Vasicka “Ghost Rider” (2020) on Minimal Wave
  • Vienna, Austria surrealist techno/goth house/experimental electronic project of Christian Sundl (Wilhelm show me the Major Label operator and member of Lady Lynch), SUNDL “Band of Gold ft. Terz Nervosa” off the cassette album “Sundl” on Cut Surface coop /w Wilhelm show me the Major Label
  • UK based electro/rave/industrial/post-punk project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial “Lover’s Crime” from V/A “DEVOTION TO PLEASURE” on Rubber Mind Recordings
  • South London based EBM/industrial/synth-punk project of UK sound artist Ryan Bellett and Australian vocalist William Dante Deacon, aka PC WORLD “Order” title track from upcoming 6-track 12″ EP “Order” on She Lost Kontrol
  • Portland, OR industrial /coldwave /minimal synth electronics project ORTROTASCE “World Turns Cold”                      
  • Turin, Italy electro dark synthwave solo project ZOLTAN FREITAG “Broken Toys” new single                       
  • US cold synth project of veteran electronic musician and sound artist Jason Sloan from Baltimore, L’Avenir “Des Nuages – Live” from the live album “The Burden of Dreams – Live on All Hallows Eve” (Recorded live for HotBeats TV and broadcast on the evening of October 31, 2020)
  • London, UK dark minimal synth primitive electronic music project THIS IS THE BRIDGE “Dying of The Light” from the new album “Sans Soleil”
  • Costa Rica‘s darkwave/dark synth-pop artist based in San Jose, MAVROSKELETO – “Harm” new single
  • Riga, Latvia electronic/darkwave/post-punk solo project, Marstra1337 ‘Hate’                                                     
  • Mysterious coldwave /minimal synth project VANITY DRUM “Nightdrive” off 5-track EP “Recreation” on 
  • Moscow, Russia darkwave/coldwave/synthpop artist and DJ, co-owner and resident of Dark Matter collective, VELVET VELOUR “Join The Ride” off upcoming EP “Pleiades′′ on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Greek coldwave/minimal synth duo Kriistal Ann / Toxic Razor aka PARADOX OBSCUR “Not Of This World” new 2-track cassette single “Not Of This World”
  • Denver, Colorado shoegaze/industrial/darkwave/post-punk duo Voight ”Careless” from S/T album on Vacant Decade
  • US dark synth wave artist/vocalist, TENDERLASH “Inferno” from upcoming album “Hold Still” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • Italian darkwave/synth pop/minimal wave duo of Nicola Buono & Lino Monaco, aka The NE-21 “High Rise” from upcpming 12″ vinyl album “IN THE REALM OF ELECTRICITY” on She Lost Control
  • Swiss post-punk /cold wave quartet from Geneva, FUTURE FACES “ENTER LIFE (feat. Buzz Kull)” from the debut album “E U P H O R I A” on Roosevelt Records & Throatruiner Records
  • Mid 80s Dutch synthpop/minimal wave duo Tranquil Eyes – “Television (Sariim Likpsalm Edit)” [originally from the self-released album ‘ Walks’, 1985] from future TEMPLE OF JOY‘s“Temple Edits Vol’1” cassette compilation                                                                                                  
  • London-based, Polish lo-fi/post-punk/coldwave solo project NOSHADOW “niebawem”
  • Nantes, France kraut /synthpop /minimal wave project PROJET MARINA “Noli me tangere” from the forthcoming album by Projet Marina, which will be released on 12″ vinyl on New Sinister                                       
  • Hungarian new wave/post-punk/dark folk band Cawatana – “Silver Light” from retrospective cassette compilation “Deep In The Silver Light Again” on Senkrecht Records                                                                          
  • Russian post-punk/new wave band from Ufa, Vorsicht Vorsicht “Экстрасенс / Extrasensory” new single on Discosomething Records
  • Arkhangelsk, Russia sovietwave/new wave/retrowave/post-punk duo ЭЛЕКТРОЦОЙ [Electrotsoy] ‘Навсегда/ Forever’ new single
  • Thessaloniki, Greece synth-pop /synth-punk side project of Vagina LipsJimmy Polioudis, MAZOHA “TI NA ΣΟΥ ΠΡΟΣΦΕΡΩ” (2002 GR cover)
  • Brooklyn, NY art-rock/minimal post-punk 5-piece GUSTAV “Design” new single on Royal Mountain Records
  • Torquay, UK dream pop/shoegaze/post-punk 5-piece TOURISTS “Blindside” from the album “Another State” on Modern Sky UK
  • Finnish dark electronic/industrial/synthwave act Vipermilk ”Every Zero” new single
  • German minimal/synthwave/dark electro DIY solo project Age O.P.F “Don’t Let Them Make The Day For Us” from “5 3/4” EP
  • Sweden synthpop trio MORE “Constant Loop (Album version)” from the debut album “From The Past”
  • Leeds, UK post-punk/new wave/synthpop duo of S. Whitfield & F. Nau, aka SCENIUS “Some Of Your Nights” from the album “Enough Fears”
  • Los Angeles coldwave/synthpop/synthwave project EM_LEN “Return To Glory” from the debut album “Behind The Chrome City”
  • UK synthpop/electropop music artist FUSED “No Fear” new 10th maxi single
  • Argentinian synthwave act from Buenos Aires, MIDNIGHT FIGHTERS “World Falls Apart (feat. Babauh)” new single
  • Belgian EBM/Dark Electro band based in Antwerp, Causenation “Demons Of The Night” from the upcoming album “Promises Of Hope And Fear” on Wool-E Discs
  • Husum, Germany NDW/minimal wave/synthpop solo project Risikotoleranz “Mein Müll (Extended Recycle Mix)” from 7″ single “Mein Müll”
  • Manchester-based post-punk/synthpop/synthwave project of game developer / ex-physicist / human Luke Thompson, aka MURDERERS “Sleep” new single on Analogue Trash
  • Edinburgh, UK psych wave/synthpop/synthwave electronic project of Italian artist Johnny Jay, FOREVER ALIEN ”In Your Flames” off Tonic Note Records compilation “Blame it to the Bucky 3 – Chapter 1”
  • Palmira, Colombia EBM/synthwave/minimal wave solo project HUMAN 80 “Aufmerksam”                                 
  • Ensenada, Mexico post-punk trio SMITH WILLS “Ratas” off upcoming EP “Crimen Y Castigo”                           
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico lo-fi/goth/post-punk/darkwave/coldwave solo project (formerly known as The Endless), Slow Danse With The Dead “Icicle Tears” from the EP “Dance with a Crucifix”
  • Swiss Italo disco/coldwave/synth-pop/minimal wave one-man-band (aka Karl Kave), Carlo Onda “This Youth Got No Future” from the upcoming album “Souleater” on Cold Transmission Music
  • Italian Darkwave/Post-Punk solo project IC2 “Cold Town” new single
  • French post punk/darkwave duo of Federico Iovino (Popoï sdioh) + Sabatel (Cheshire cat) from Lille, DEAR DEER “JJR” from Split 12″ album “Dear Deer / Embers
  • Sacramento, Ca new romantic goth post-punk band Creux Lies “Blue” upcoming 2-track 7″ single “Blue/The Veil” on Freakwave
  • Brownsville, TX new wave/coldwave/darkwave/post-punk duo TWIN TRIBES “Perdidos (Cult Of Alia Remix)”
  • Bristol, UK darkwave/electronic/synthpop solo project of Alice Sheridan, aka New Haunts “Failing Me” first single from New Haunts’ third album, due for release in 2021.
  • NYC-based industrial/darkwave/dark pop collective NØIR “Just Fascination (NØIR vs Push Button Press Remix)” from upcoming “Just Fascination” maxi single on Metropolis
  • Swedish primitive EBM group POUPPEE FABRIKK “Burn Forever” off new maxi-single on Alfa Matrix
  • Madrid-based Industrial /EBM /Dark Electronics project of Tono Tonovox (sound and mix) and Tom Esmiz (lyrics and voice), DVRA LEX “Segovia apocalíptica” on contubernio records
  • German electronic /future pop /synthpop /cyberpunk producer from Hamburg, FADERHEAD “Still Searching For You” from “2077 Cyberpunk” EP
  • French dark electronics/industrial project of Marie Lando, aka GRABYOURFACE “Shore” from the upcoming album “Sea” on Negative Gain Productions
    Boston, Ma veteran electropop 4-piece FREEZEPOP “Memory Disappears (André Obin‘s Fascination Mix )” off new “Memory Disappears” Maxi Single
  • Moscow, Russia new wave/minimal synth/coldwave duo of Alexander Chiesa (Skverna, Homepage, Horseraddish) and Alina Vaulina (Angedemer), aka GLASNOST [Гласность] “Melz” title track of the album on Diffuse Reality Records
  • Seattle minimal synthpop/darkwave solo project PROFIT PRISON “120 Days” from V/A “from ZEITGEIST VOL. 14 – A COLD TRANSMISSION compilation” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC                                                 
  • Boston, Ma darkwave/post-punk/coldwave duo TRUTH FAITH “For You” from upcoming “As Much Nothing As Possible” LP out 01/08/21 on a La Carte Records
  • Indonesian Dark Post-Punk teen trio from Jakarta, CAMLANN “1983” new single on Cold Transmission Music
  • Italian post-punk/darkwave project of Edoardo Cappuccio from Roma, Monoplastic Shape “Ties”                   
  • Italian occult/coldwave/darkwave duo, aka iamnoone “The Cage” off the new 2-track single “Solve et Coagula” on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC
  • Oslo, Norway‘s cold post-punk band Mirror of Haze “Drifting Into The Void” second single on Wave Records
  • Louisville EBM/darkwave/minimal synth/dark synthpop solo project of Kim Bell, BROKEN NAILS – “Mirror” title track from the upcoming album “Overcome” on Swiss Dark Nights Label
  • Berlin‘s electronic/dream pop/post-punk/shoegaze project of Alexander Leonard Donat, aka VLIMMER “Nacktheit” off the last EP “XIIIIIIII (18)” of “Jagmoor Cynewulf” narrative series on his own label Blackjack Illuminist
  • Russian goth/coldwave/post-punk band from Smolensk, горемыка [Goremyka] “цикл” new single
  • Oakland based darkwave /deathrock /noise outfit Vortex Empath Xen / Moira Scar “Let It Rain” off the extended and remastered version of the album “Between Worlds”
  • Ottawa, Ontario anarcho peace punk 4-piece DOGMA “Santuary” from S/T album on anthrax (uk)
  • Sacramento, CA shoegaze/indie rock/post-punk trio GRAVE LAKE “Seed” from the new ”EP III”
  • Monterrey, Mexico post-punk/gothic rock trio DELIVERANCE “Last Days” new single
  • Post-Punk /Darkwave duo from Wilmington, NC., DEAD COOL “Bound By Light” second single
  • Australian new wave /post-punk band NERVE QUAKES “Interstellar” from the debut vinyl album “Deprogram” on Helta Skelta Records
  • Bristol-based Spanish (Granada)/British post-punk band, E.V.A “Todo mi tiempo” from debut S/T EP
  • Alaska-based gothic coldwave/darkwave artist, Bartram Haugh “Entombed” new single
  • Wroclaw, Poland lo-fi/coldwave/post-punk project NIECHEC “Nic Się Nie Dzieje Albo Nie Umiem Tańczyć” from the debut EP “2050”                                                                                                                                                            
  • French noise-rock/electro/post-metal/post-punk/coldwave solo project multi-instrumentist Alan Billi (guitarist of The Rodeo Idiot Engine and Orbel), aka PALECOAL “Isolate” from debut EP “Fake Fates” on Throatruiner Records
  • Charlottesville‘s dark ethereal electronic project of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Alethea Leventhal, aka Ships In The Night “Where The Light Froze” new single
  • Cypriot ambient synth-pop sorcery by Cypriot artist Maria Spivak, aka SPIVAK “Πήγαινέ Μέ” from the debut album “Μετά Το Ρέιβ” on Ecstatic

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