WL//WH Track Of The Day: LEFT FOR PLEASURE “Song For Nuni”


Dropped at the end of the year before starting work on the second album, the latest single, “Song For Nuni”, by Halle (Saale), Eastern Germany-based duo Left For Pleasure, draws a stylistic departure from the band’s gloomy Coldwave sound with a blend of Slowdive-tinged dazzling yet agonizing dreamgaze atmospherics, New-Order-like bass/drums pulsing off-kilter rhythm section, along with early 4AD mournful and mesmerizing vocal ethereality.

“For everyone who misses someone”, “Song For Nuni” is a haunting love song about a devastated soul who looks in the mirror and begins to cry as feelings for a lost loved one come rushing out.

Slow riding the resonant rippling wave of a sombrely melodic broody high-end bassline, along with erratic hypnotic drum beats, airy swirls of high piercing guitar wails build a dirgey dramatic ambiance around a beautifully obsessive vocal, longing with aching intensity.

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