WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #14


  • META MOTO PODCAST [MMP043] – ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Set of the week, through the brilliant Meta Moto label, comes from Belgian DJ/producer Ethan Lambeau (aka Murdered DJ / Lost Affair / La Commune) under his main dark electronics moniker ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????. Expect cutting hypnotic tension and pummeling rhythms, varying from noise, electro to industrial and techno, albeit this time mainly leaning towards EBM.

  • Athens, Greek experimental/industrial/techno/dark electronics producer PETROS SPATHAROS “Delirio” off of upcoming V/A “Meta Moto 4” cassette compilation on Meta Moto.                                                                       

From the Vol. 4 of the upcoming London-based Meta Moto label’s cassette compilation, that collects part of the cream of the crop from the underground experimental dark electronics scene, one of the early previews is an ominously hypnotic and foreboding yet fascinating, obsessive dark electronic crawl, heightened with a haunting and mysterious female chant, from Athens‘ producer Petros Spatharos.

  • New Zealand electronic artist Samari “Predict (Consequence)” from the debut album “Hyper Normal” a soundtrack to Adam Curtis2016 documentary “HyperNormalisation” via Italy’s Vein Label

Stalwart of the Antipodes electronic music scene, New Zealand born Samari finally delivers his debut album, via Italian independent label Vein, in the form of the dense and hard-hitting techno soundtrack to Adam Curtis‘ documentary “Hypernormalization”, in the same vein as Jeff Mill’s reinterpretation of Metropolis.

  • Helsinki‘s EBM/techno/electro producer SANSIBAR “Katkonainen”                                                                         

As relentlessly lush and dark as it is menacing and smoothly hypnotic fast-paced electro from Helsinki ace.  

  • Siberian-born, Moscow-based ambient/experimental/avant-garde electronic musician and composer Maria Teriaeva ‘SØS’ from the forthcoming album ‘Conservatory of Flowers’.
  • Cairo, Egypt experimental electronic producer Youssef Abouzeid “Ssb” from EP “Aho” on Hizz
  • London-based dark ambient/industrial/electronic musician (former Nagamatzu co-founder. Lustmord and Terror Against Terror member), Lagowski “Rur” from upcoming new album ‘Secrets of Numbers” on Zoharum
  • Marseille, France EBM/cyberpunk/techno producer ROÜGE “Frozen Tears”                                                         
  • Industrial/Techno/Experimental project duo from India, A Birth Defect “With You” taken from upcoming “Burning Skies” EP on Helrad Limited                                                                                                                        
  • Berlin-based EBM/cyberpunk/industrial techno new project from Joey Blush (BLUSH_RESPONSE) and Jagoda Nagel, aka HAKAI “NINGEN” from “NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED” EP on Blush’s new label MEGASTRUCTURE_
  • Birmingham, UK industrial techno moniker of Justin K Broadrick (also Jesu, Godflesh, Final and Techno Animal) aka JK FLESH “Jellyfish” from upcoming V/A “Murder | 01” EP via Tbilisi based Murder Records
  • Belgian dark electronic/EBM/noise/industrial/techno producer ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? “No, You Have No Control”                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Italian heavy industrial/techno DJ/producer Exome feat. Perpetuum – “Hope Is A Curse” off of upcoming V/A “Connections” compilation on FLUX Musical Art                                                                                                     
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Pit Of Souls” from the upcoming “Royal Dungeon” EP on Opal Tapes
  • Israeli dark techno/breakbeat/industrial/electronic DJ & Producer Jack Carel “The Old Fighter” from the upcoming V/A “2020 MONGOOSE VS COBRA V.2.3” compilation on Glasgow’s Clan Destine Records                           
  • Los Angeles-based industrial techno/EBM producer Pressure Vessel “Spleen” from the debut album “Ligature” via new DIY label WETWIRE                                                                                                                       
  • Brazilian experimental techno electronic producer XIAO QUAN “108 Dragons Crime Syndicate II” from upcoming EP “Dragons Crime Syndicate” on Von Melt Label
  • Greek experimental/industrial/wave/dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Dragon Aurora”                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Latvian post-industrial/dark electronics producer CRYING SKIES “Pulsations”                                                            
  • Thessaloniki, Greece dark synth/industrial techno producer ADSOL “Repulsion” new single
  • French techno/electro composer, producer, remixer and Black Strobe member Arnaud Rebotini “Digital Lockdown (Phase Fatale Remix)” from “This a Quarantine EP 3 – Chloroquine”                                                           
  • Former Italians Do It Better (Chromatics, Glass Candy) co-founder Mike Simonetti along with Elizabeth Wight‘s ambient/electro/dream pop/acid/techno/electronic project, Pale Blue “I Walk Alone At Night” from “Breathe” EP on 2MR                                                                                                                                     
  • UK/Italy techno dub project of sound experimentalists Kyle Martin (Brain Machine, Land Of Light, Spectral Empire) and Guido Zen (Arcade Audio Assault System, Exciter, Gamers In Exile, My Selfish Desire), Vactrol Park “Don’t Speak Its Name” off of  V/A “5 Years” Compilation on Malka Tuti
  • Dutch analog synth wizard Pascal Pinkert a.k.a. Dollkraut “Trance Domina” off of V/A “Vol.1” on Voyage Select
  • Zürich, Switzerland industrial/wave/electronic producer Nicola Noir Feat. Angelo Repetto – “Paranoia” from the second LP “World of Noise”
  • Buenos Aires‘ EBM/experimental electronic dúo Dimensión Alterna y Marceas, aka Extraña Sutura – “Inquieto” from “Sangre Fría” EP
  • Amsterdam/Austin EBM/darkwave/acid leaning electronics duo, Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera – “Devil’s Juice” from upcoming EP “Devil’s Juice” via Olf van Elden’s (Interstellar Funk) label Artificial Dance
  • San Francisco-based experimental/psych/electro DJ and producer Sepehr Alimagham “Coup D’etat” from his debut LP “Shaytoon” out on April 10th via Dark Entries Records.
  • London-based The Hague‘s dark minimal industrial techno/electro DJ/producer and Bakk and Rubber labels co-owner Thomas Van Linge aka RANDSTAD ‘Speedgod Please Forgive Me’                                                        
  • Dutch industrial dark electronic producer Boris Post aka EINDKR∀K “Tupthrop”                                                   
  • Barcelona-based Argentinian native experimental/ethnic/electro/techno producer thissperso “Pajaritos en el Baile”
  • Russian breakbeat/electro producer Greenwald – “Matrix” from V/A “Selection Unnatural” on Moscow’s pkge 
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK techno/electronic producer THE JAFFA KID “Virtus Entella” from “Soft Celebration” EP on Gated
  • Tel Aviv acid/electro/breakbeat producer Rapha – “Bassline Biznes” from V/A “Netzach” EP (charity release in association with Art Angel) on Hilltown Disco
  • Bristol, UK based jazz/drum & bass/breakbeat/drumfunk producer Sluj – “The Smoking Lounge”                           
  • French acid/electro producers Aurèle & Hyas – “Elka 2020” from V/A “Bardouin 001″ EP 12” on Bardouin Music
  • Houston, TX acid/electro producer and Chateau Royal label heads, PRZ & Rapha – “Cosmobahn” from “JVculture part.1″ EP 12” on Chateau Royal Records
  • Liege, Belgium electro producer Gaetan Krausch-lacroix, aka DARK PROPHET “Halo”
  • Greek drum & bass/IDM/breakbeat/electro producer George Kontogiannidis, aka ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ [PERA STA ORI] “-Chlorhexidene 0.1%_” upcoming on Furthur Electronix                                                                                          
  • NYC based nu-disco/techno producer and label boss Aimes – “We Are Eternal (Que Sakamoto & NT Remix)” from the EP “A Star In The Sky” on Wonder Stories
  • FrancoSpanish dark disco/electro/techno duo Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys – “Antiheroe” from “Kronos” EP on Correspondant
  • Melbourne, Australia dub/prog house/electronic producer The Oddness – “Get It Together” from V/A “The White Collection” on Eskimo Recordings
  • Second Decay – “Close My Heart (Randstad Edit)” [originally 1992]                                                                       
  • UK analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio “Memory of Rave” (Weekly track upload no.2)
  • Amsterdam‘s ambient techno electronic producer and Transatlantic label head, nthng “Beautiful Love” from upcoming ‘’Hypnotherapy’’ LP out on 24th April, via Lobster Theremin.                                                                 
  • Berlin-based industrial/experimental/electronic/drone sound artist, field recordist and record label YGAM founder Pablo Diserens, aka Ōtone “In-between” from V/A “Live Today” charity compilation on Etang Brulant
  • Philadelphia-based ambient/drone trio HOTEL NEON “Tortured Shapes” all proceeds will be donated to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund
  • Berlin-based ambient artist PILO “Beyond the Silhouette” off of “The Self Improvement Era” cassette via Berlin’s new label Motor Reflex