WL//WH Premiere: PERMANENT “On The Lips”

WL//WH Premiere  Permanent

Besides playing bass and singing for the post-punk band Cochonne, Durham, NC based musician Mimi Luse, has started a solo music project under the moniker of PERMANENT, spawned by the hermetic social anxiety of the pandemic, with nods to the early days of industrial music in the minimalist, distorted drum machines and an experimental/DIY approach to production.

PERMANENT takes her influences and moulds them into a sound all her own, heady and danceable, echoing the past and discerning the future as a split pathway from the resonant present. 

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the mind-altering spatial track “On The Lips,” taken from Permanent‘s 13-song debut album, “Social Disease”, via Brooklyn based independent label Modern Tapes, lyric-wise it deals with the all-encompassing power, and control of money and the toxic behaviours, loss of self, and manipulation that can occur at the hands of others.

The off-kilter and gripping “On The Lips” ignites an eerie, distant, drone flow, propelling rambunctious distorted rickety rhythms into a narcotic rise and flow of obsessive tendencies around the dry, detached robotics of female vocalizations drifting, unscathed through the flat treacherous bass tones disruptive vibrations, while random piercing frequencies and weary, sinister bright synth strains magnetically swirl within the intoxicating spatial expansions of industrial-tinged uncomfortable yet feverish bliss.

PERMANENT‘s 13-track debut album, “Social Disease“, is out now, on Cassette & Digital, with digital- distribution via The Orchard to the usual suspects in addition to the Modern Tapes Bandcamp.

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