WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  JULY #27-23


  • Low Profile Radio’s Fusion Dance Session 023 // LEONARDO                                                                                     

Genre-defying invigorating set by up-and-coming young DJ and producer hailing from Buenos Aires, pulsating with jittery, crisp, and groovy off-kilter energy through Electro, Dance Punk, Wave, Funk, Bass Music, Breakbeat and all around. Boredom and predictability are surely not an option here.

  • Colchester, UK dark ambient /industrial /drone /noise /folk /electronics project led by multi-instrumentalists John Hannon and Stafford Glover, aka Enclosed & Silent Order “Broomway, 5am” from the upcoming album “Entrainment” [Hypostatic Union]

Explores the darker elements of Drone, Noise and Electronics interspersed with immersive Classical and ethereal Folk leanings. “Broomway, 5am” warms up with a haunting, slightly chaotic aura of swirling guitar drones, harsh reverbs, and serene hollow blowing tones to manifest a mysterious falling sensation into an enigmatic churning vortex of insidious doom, shifting into a nocturnal indigo 5am vision cast in prowling bleak pulsing bass lines, hypnotic crisp off-tempo beats, along with slowly swarming and whirring synth swathes, to alternate timeline perception with an alert vigilance from danger and excitement, like walking alone in the secret shadows under the full moon’s magic shapeshifting light.

  • Milan, Italy ambient /drone /dub /deep techno producer Biocym – “As The Day Begins” off of the split “Destinations. EP 14” Biocym | SAAM. [Indefinite Pitch]

Spacious and cosmic hypnotic sonics jiggle and unfurl with buzzing sonorous groovy bass ripples, swelling immersive pads, sizzling and chugging crispy percussions, metallic clanks, echoing whirring frequencies, and cocooning fluting synth sweeps, dragging the listener into a mysterious, cerebral and entrancing headspace.

  • London-based Dub /Bass /Leftfield /Downtempo /Experimental musician Tutu Ta “Death Hymn” from the upcoming “Lonely Eyes” LP [Macadam Mambo]

One of our fave unpredictable and consistent electronic sound providers, Macadam Mambo introduces straight outta London, the enigmatic act Tutu Ta combines echoing sparklingly punkish dubwise vibrations and intensely knocky and crisp percussive patterns with heavy groovy basslines, droning off-kilter frequencies and tantalizing dazed vocalizations to create a warm, yet slightly disturbing, sense of enveloping inebriating harmony and deeply compelling energy.

  • Paris-based ambient /krautrock /avant-garde electronic music artist and composer, Audrey Carmes “Micro-Macro” from the debut album “Quelque chose s’est dissipé” [Métron Records]                                                       
  • Athens, Greek ambient /experimental /tribal /folk /electronic artist-singer Anna Papaioannou, aka Anna Vs June “My Full Light” from the debut LP “Ersi” [Subject To Restrictions Discs]     
  • Ambient /drone /minimal /electronic live collective based in Poland, How To Disappear Completely “Darkness Is Your Candle” from “Midnight Elegies” EP (excerpts written for the installation ‘MONUMENT TO THE ABANDONED LIGHT’ 03.2023)
  • Colorado/Belgium ambient /drone /minimal /soundscapes /electronic collaboration between Denver-based Jacob Newman and Bruges-based Tom Lievens (Atlantea Records owner), Jacob Newman + Atmøsphäre “Misty Shore” from the EP “Daydreaming”
  • Sardinian shadow ambient composer Martina Betti, aka Shedir “The Dreaming Skull” from the album “Before the Last Light is Blown” [n5MD]
  • Portland, OR ambient /experimental /pianist and synthesist Mary Sutton “Silhouette” from the album “Canyon” [Kranky]
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands ambient /classical /jazz /folktronica multi-instrumentalist and composer (head of Melody As Truth records and 1/3 of Gaussian Curve), Jonny Nash “Face Of Another” off the upcoming album “Point Of Entry” [Melody As Truth]
  • Madrid based ambient /drone /electronic DJs/producers Christian C. & Iván Smoka, aka Gatos Negros “Chasing Cassie” off the second album ‘Hi Score’ [Made in Green Records]
  • ManchesterUK ambient /drone /field recordings /ethereal /noise /post-rock /dream pop /experimental duo of Claire Knox and Richard Knox (A-Sun Amissa / Shield Patterns etc.), aka Bleaklow “Husk” from the debut EP “Glume” [Gizeh Records]                                                                                                           
  • UK experimental /radiophonic /buchla /electronic /analog synth sound artist (aka The Advisory Circle), Cate Brooks “Con Brillo” from the upcoming album “Easel Studies” [Café Kaput – digital / Clay Pipe Music – vinyl & CD]
  • San Fransisco-based kraut /psych /experimental /analog electronic group Gravité “Chilled” from the upcoming third LP “3” [Höga Nord Rekords]
  • Manchester, UK ambient /retro synthwave project of Joseph Kindred (aka Jozef K), aka Violet Mist “Orbiting” from the cassette album “Fading Light” [Woodford Halse]
  • Melbourne ambient /dub /breakbeat producer KITA “Palace” off “Ceramic” EP 12″ [Knekelhuis]
  • Berlin-based lo-fi experimental /drone /house /dub /noise /techno /minimalist electronics producer Florian Kupfer – “CS II” off of the upcoming cassette album “Lifetrax II” [Ediciones Capablanca]
  • US ambient /breaks /drum & bass producer Jamie Myerson “Soliton” from “The Influence Of Stars” EP
  • Dutch lo-fi /dub /abstract hip-hop /samples /breaks /trip-hop /electronic musical project of Rotterdam-based audiovisual artist Michal Ratajczak, aka Solo Gemini “Norf Sea” from the cassette album “Short-term solutions” [nekubi]
  • Yokohama, Japanese ambient /techno /electronic musician Yoshinori Noguchi, aka Silentwave “Arabian Nights” from “Arabian Nights” 10″ EP [Móatún 7]
  • Wales ambient /IDM /drone /abstract /electro /breaks /experimental electronics brothers John and Paul Healy, aka Somatic Responses “Neurographic Network” from the 12″ vinyl album “Volatile Landscape” [Explorations / HC Records]
  • Sweden ambient /drone /experimental /trance /techno project Drottning Omma ‘November / Mirage’ from the upcoming cassette album ‘Nu som då’ [offworldcolonies]
  • Belfast‘s psychedelic dub disco group Black Bones “Pressure Point” from the “All In Good Time” EP [Optimo Music]
  • Italian dark ambient /psych /kraut /tribal /ethnic /acid /techno /downtempo DJ-producer Antonio De Oto, aka A-Tweed “Hick Town, Dark Light” from “Vazzieri” EP [Random Numbers]
  • Beirut-based Arabic /kraut /free-rock /post-folk sextet SAGAM “Bell بل ” from the debut LP “Aykathani Malakon صنم – أيقظني ملاكٌ” on Mais UM
  • London based, Rome-bred Bass /Dub /Drum’n’Bass DJ/Producer Mauro Campana, aka Mauoq “Scardub” from the EP “Big Man / Scardub” [MQM011]
  • Greek ambient /experimental /industrial /breakbeat /techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance – “Bloodline Limit” title track of the new album [Magdalena’s Apathy]
  • UK ambient /cinematic / psych /abstract electronics Oliver Ho moniker (Broken English Club), Veil – “Embryo” from the upcoming album “A Circle In Stone” [Other Facts, a division of Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  • Corfu, Greece dark ambient /drone /industrial /techno /electronic project of Dimitris Doukas (aka Leftina Osha, Plaggona, Vile Temper, Restive Plaggona), aka Matriarchy Roots “Greatest Escape” from the upcoming cassette debut album “The Merge” [Strange Therapy]
  • Berlin-based new beat /post-punk /industrial /techno artist Dillon Steele, aka The Marquis is Dead – “My Sorrow Knows No Bounds (Skelesys Remix)” off upcoming ” Malaür” EP [X-IMG38]
  • Dutch experimental /acid /techno /breaks /electro Dj-producer and New York Haunted label honcho, Drvg Cvltvre “New York ’83 (Suicide City)”
  • Bogotá-born /Berlin-based synth electronics /EBM /dark techno producer Victor Lenis aka Cute Heels “Maschine” from the 12″ mini-LP “Steel Field” [Industrias Mekanikas]
  • Israeli EBM /electro /techno producer Meshes “I Need Your Body (Original Mix)” from “Body, Soul” EP [SEEKING THE VELVET]
  • Athens-based EBM /industrial techno DJ-producer Alpha Sect “Engulfed” from V/A “Miseria Bodywork Selections Vol 3” tape compilation [Miseria]
  • Argentinian EBM /wave /industrial techno DJ-producer Abby Knives Ft Valerie Hendrich – “Catacombes De Paris” from Abby Knives’ EP “The Flowers Of Evil” [Wie Ein Gott Records]
  • UK-based new beat /electro artist KMBN “Waiting For You” off “Never Wanted to Dance” EP [Samo Records]
  • Serbian industrial techno producers Sclameriya & Razbibriga, aka Sons Of Silvija – “Krekerjek” from “Krekerjek” EP [Promena]                                                                                                                                       
  • Berlin-based breakbeat /hard techno collaboration Blame The Mono & DLV – “Demons And The Ghost” title track of “Demons And The Ghost” EP [Voxnox]
  • Swiss/German EBM /Wave /Techno /Synth-Pop /Dark Electronic duo Scannoir & Sneaker, aka GOTTFields of the Nephilim – “The Watchman (GOTT Mutatio)” from upcoming “Mutatio” EP 12″ [Mattoni Pazzi]
  • Silent Circle – “Touch In The Night (Bizzarro Universe Edit)”
  • Leipzig-based Electro /Body Music /New Wave /Techno producer, painter, Rat Life label boss, Alexander Dorn a.k.a. Credit 00 “Breathe One Two” off of the upcoming “Count 8” EP 12” [Mechatronica]
  • Nicosia, Cyprus EBM /indie dance /dark disco producer Structure of Magic “Mpeno Mesto Club” from upcoming EP “Kypriaka Teknasmata” [NEIN Records]
  • Minsk, Belarus breakbeat /electro punk producer Nina Indi – “India” [GESTALT.PROMO]
  • Norwich, UK-based bass-techno /trip-hop /electro /avant-pop /electronic artist (one half of post-punk electronic duo SINK YA TEETH), Maria Uzor “Ventolin” off her debut solo album “Soft Cuts” via Castles In Space
  • Paris/Lille, French psych /house /indie dance /dark disco duo You Man feat. Bonnie Spacey – “Ummo (Bonnie Spacey Remix)” from “Doors To Shambhala” EP [Lumière Noire]
  • Paris/Lisbonne nu-disco /indie dance /dark disco duo ANTIDOT “Libra Liberdade” off s/t EP [NEIN Records]
  • Paris-based rave /trance /techno producer and head of Retro Futura Records (aka Vitesse), Grand V – “Mystery TV” from V/A “RAW Summer Hits 4 • Original Tracks” compilation [RAW]
  • French disco /rave /acid /synth wave /electro /techno /indie dance producer Fred Rodrigues-Carreira aka Back From The Wave – “Acid Rage” from the upcoming “Les Enfants du Siècle” EP [Ritmo Fatale]
  • Florence, Italy electro /house /Italo /synth-pop artist Ricardo Baez – “On And On (Curses Vocal Mix)” off “On And On” EP 12″ [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Russian psych /trance /techno /house /electronic DJ-producer Linja – “Sleeping Streets (Odopt & Lipelis Space Bootleg)” from V/A “Tanzers Eins” EP compilation series [Malka Tuti]
  • Jaisiel – “Timeless” from “MM Discos Factory Edits” EP (edits from early 90s Spain’s “La Ruta del Bacalao” movement) [MM Discos]
  • Berlin-based Spanish psych /cosmic /dark disco /indie dance /electronic producer James Rod “Joysked Underground (Future Bones Remix)” from V/A “tici taci Decade Volume 2” compilation of tracks released between June 2015 and January 2017 [tici taci]
  • Berlin-based L.A./Mexico City acid /house /techno /indie dance /dark disco collaboration, Moderna Y Theus Mago “Papa En Roy (Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht Remix)” off “Dog Is Calling You” EP (reissue of their first 2016 release + 3 new remixes) [Duro]                                                                             
  • French acid/dark disco /indie dance producer Damon Jee “Fire (Phunkadelica Acid It Up Mix)” off “Remixed” EP [Polaris]
  • Munich-based Dark Disco /Indie Dance DJ-producer Alemao – “Romulo Dream (Mala Ika Remix)” off upcoming EP [Weirdos Records]
  • Guadeloupe-bred French electronic /disco /indie dance DJ-producer and Weirdos Records founder, Mala Ika – “Zufall (Original)” off of “Du Bist Ernst” EP [Roam Recordings]
  • Mexican electro /house /disco /indie dance duo Zombies In Miami – “Take Me Back” off of “Zombie Dance” EP [Permanent Vacation]
  • Tel Aviv based acid /house /indie dance /dark disco /electronic DJ-producer, Niv Ast – “Tutto Bene Feat. Ruty Klein” [Disco Halal]
  • Birmingham, UK-based acid /disco /house /electronic producer and Field Of Dreams label co-head, Al Mackenzie “Hold Your Own” from “Hold Your Own” EP [Field Of Dreams]
  • Bristol, UK acid /bleeps /cosmic chug /prog house /breaks producer and Familiar Strangers founder, Remotif “For Love or Money” from upcoming “In the Blink of a Cosmic Eye” EP 12″ [X-Kalay]
  • Saint-Petersburg-based deep techno /breaks producer NAKK “Let’s Groove” two-track «СОЮЗ» EP [Jade]
  • Denver, CO ambient /drone /electronic /experimental sound artist Michael Jason Corder, aka Offthesky “Anatomy of Infinity” from the split album series “Anatomy of Infinity / Oriens” CD/cassette [Handstitched*]
  • Newcastle upon Tyne, UK industrial /ambient /experimental group Zoviet France “Montag” (excerpt from live show at Wave Gotik Treffen, Volkspalast Kantine, Leipzig, 29 May 2023)
  • Yorkshire-based dark ambient /drone /cinematic /electronica composer Thomas Ragsdale (aka FFION), aka Sulk Rooms “Appear” from Sulk Rooms & The Incidental Crack “Split” cassette album [Waxing Crescent Records]
  • Connecticut experimental /ambient /psych /space /drone band Landing “Motionless I-III” from “Subscription Series Collection 02” /a compilation of segments from music offered to subscribers during 2022).

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