WL//WH Video Premiere: MODEM THE BAND “Equal”

WL//WH Video Premiere Modem The Band

Hailing from Larissa, Greece electronic trio Modem The Band born out from an idea of long time music producer/DJ Constantine, a.k.a. Zakk Minimal (Beatmaster, Programming, Synths, Production, Analog Percussion) to create a dark labyrinth of synth-laden Coldwave and Post-Punk sounds, soon joined by Theodore on Guitars Basslines, & Synths, and, after a series of tirelessly sonic experiments and line-up changes, the late addition of Polydefkis on Vocals.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the compelling DIY music video for the hypnotic first single “Equal”, taken from the upcoming debut album “Chapter I: Inspiration”, a heady blend of modular sounds and analog instrumentation, slated for release on 2 November, 2020, Vinyl 12″/Digital, via the band’s own label Grey Dome Records.

Dangerous tightly throbbing bass pulses buzz and oscillate through warm soothing and drifting synth swathes, rippling the icy bright notes of nervous obsession amid steady, lashing beat’s robotic repetitions, while daunted and disturbed male vocals struggle to release a claustrophobic tension into the discomforting mechanical momentum of self-inflicted doom.

Psycho-analytic lyrics describe the delusional thought process of inflated self-worth and importance, as an inevitable battle of classes wherein lies an unshared feeling of grandeur that leads to entitlement and privilege above others.

Subliminal black and white illustrations depict the process of various sound-waves and frequencies travelling through an AM transmitter, receiver, and detector, as a metaphor for brainwaves and the intricate electrical system involved in learned behaviour and sociological inequality.

Modem The Band‘s first LP, “Chapter I: Inspiration”, is due on 2 November, 2020, Vinyl 12″/Digital, through Grey Dome Records.

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