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New Music  Night Haze  

“The Light” is the leading track and the first one to appear from the upcoming EP “Serial Dreamer” by Athens-based dark alternative duo of Night Haze. Like many other similar names that define the modern international dark scene, NH fearlessly combines their own affinity and charm with the darkwave and the rest of the dangers. They create and offer some pretty edgy and very cogent sonic proofs that bridge the cold wave with post-punk and vice versa, and it is all darkwave music, right? But when the result is a blend of separated subjects from each genre and not like mixing the whole oceans together, then the question is only how good and tasty is the new format.

Dora K. at the front and main composer of NH, Stathis K. on the guitar and musings, this duo sounds as if they are coming for a big-time through the dark alleys behind them. In 2018 they released their well-accepted debut album “Love Is Chaos” which attracted many many shaped and restless ears. That album was a success, the songs were played on the radio, and their name began to appear more often in the spoken battles at the den.

In 2021, following February’s single “Flesh & Lies”, they sound totally ready for another round in the pitch. “The Light” is one hell of a leading track running on the cold wave with amazing guitar work all over as the singer dances within the words she is letting in the air. A very confident performance of a song that is there to seduce you either as a listener or an artist, and I can’t wait to get the new EP in my hands. The song is quality work on the high standards set by the band, with a predicted and long-awaited new record that has to be amazing!!!

Night Haze

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike