WL//WH Video Premiere: HÆVNER set their first raging fire in “For Sent”

WL//WH Premiere  HÆVNER

Photo by @christina_inferno

Hævner is a Copenhagen-based Post-Punk act formed in 2020 with past and present members from Motorsav, Kold Front, Metro Cult, Moth, Sunken and St. Digue, playing a raw, dark and chaotic sound that stabs the listener like a frozen dagger, through biting guitars, ice-cold synths, throbbing bass, hard-hitting drums and desperate screams.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the thrilling DIY video for the dystopic first single “For Sent”, taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album, “Kaldet Fra Tomrummet”, scheduled for release in Autumn 2022 via Brittany‘s independent label & distro Symphony Of Destruction.

The video, shot and edited by the band members themselves, depicts an infernal tapestry of cacophony, with the only guidance in this hectic whirlwind being a haunting voice desperately warning the listener of what happens when you let your built-up emotional turmoil reach a boiling point. The desperate cries when translated from Danish reads so:

“I need to bury them, hide them in a place where they can’t be found until it’s too late. Too late to learn, too late to see that I need a hand”

Chaos-strewn intensities rile relentless tumultuous drumming, urgent rumbling bassline shakings, ringing and squealing obsessively frantic guitar clangour into a stark barrage of turbulent emotions around agonized, fiery vocals rising and falling in disjointed breathless cries, barely treading above the merciless seismic trotting judders of exploding, systematic doom.

Danish lyrics introspect on a mental awakening, wherein a lost soul hides beneath doubt, fear, and denial, waiting too long to be found amidst the atmospheric cloaking of darkness.

The grainy dystopic footage, cast in destruction, mania, and awakened rapid eye movement, constructs a hellish landscape of burning aggressions. Negative light photography, jittery time-lapsed overlays, and surreal narratives converge over disturbing visuals of violence, pain, and death to enshroud the mind’s eye of Post-Apocalypse with lidless fires of eternity.

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