WL//WH Track of The Day : Creux Lies “Zone” (radio edit)

Track of The Day

Sacramento’s Creux Lies published on January the radio edit for Zone single which was primary out last December. No big differences here from the album version of the single, just cut the long flood of the effects of the intro and got it to start at once leaving out the “picture” of the band put on their instruments during the intro’s foggy prologue, a radio edit, cool! New romantics Creux Lies plays cool Californian post-punk with a certain keen on all darkwave’s venoms and they groove it a lot. They say that they love DM, The Cure, Tears For Fears and My Bloody Valentine which is quite obvious in their music, but not a single evidence in copying them while the same time they hold new-fresh-damned-and nicely performed post-punk bullets, all in the same hand! Gorgeous new entry in the scene and Zone has a video too!

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Written by Loud Cities Mike