WL//WH Video Premiere: Bedroom Pop Sensation CRYSALICE serves a Lynchian Experience with new single “Mulholland Drive”

WL//WH Video Premiere CRYSALICE

Brighton, UK based bedroom pop artist Crysalice releases a surreal video, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, for the cinematic track “Mulholland Drive”, blending Lana Del Rey’s sultry sadcore ballads with Clairo’s light-hearted lofi musings to take a dive into the hedonistic Hollywood world of broken dreams with bossa-nova inspired, syncopated drum rhythms and soothing atmospheric vocals.

Ethereal lullaby notes twinkle icily amid deep hearty bass vibrations and slow slapping crispy conga beats that sway along the wafty, tepid auras, as sensual, dreamy and disillusioned female vocals long desperately with breathless gasps into the jazzy lounge air’s seductive and hypnotic grip.

Dramatic lyrics tell the story of a singer/actress who falls victim to the sexual exploitations of the powerful Hollywood elite while seeking the idealized American Dream.

Take a drive through the sleazy smog lined streets of Los Angeles circa 1970 to “Mulholland Drive”, where a woman descends into madness at the hands of innocence, inebriation, and fame. Pink flamingo overlays spawn fluid motion behind blooms of time-lapsed passionfruit flowers, as wild horses stampede the flock bringing forth the unsettling contradiction between desire, power, and femininity observed in the disturbing behaviour of the actress left like a “sitting duck” in open waters for all to prey.

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