WL//WH Track Of The Day : TIGERFACE “Show You The Light”


From the endlessly fervent and creative Glasgow alternative music scene comes to light 4-piece band TigerFace, fresh from releasing their DIY self-titled 4-track EP,  a distillation of harsh noise-rock, brooding post-punk and sludgy grunge in a concentrate of visceral depth and emotional drive.

Dense, energetic and compelling r’n’r shiver, “Show You The Light” starts on high-speed with unrelenting clattering drums to underscore splinters of compressed noise, intercutted by slices of razor-blade guitar riffs and harrowing leads, before giving way, propelled by hypnotically throbbing bassline, to a mysterious and dangerous wild ride of andrenaline rush embodied by soulful voice filled with passion, strength and vigor. Ear-piercing bursts of distorted slashing guitars challenge the intensity of vocals reaching a frenzied feverish exaltation of pure raw intoxication.
Glasgow‘s bands can hardly leave you indifferent…
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