WL//WH Track Of The Day: BLEACHED HEAT “Against The Wall“

Track Of The Day  Bleached Heat  

As far as I recall active since around 2015, the once UK based, now relocated to Vancouver Island, ‘gravepop’ solo project Bleached Heat returns, after almost two and half years hiatus, with a less lo-fi, Goth-tinged synth-driven single, “Against the Wall”, drawing from snapping Darkwave and lush Synthpop, whilst retaining its distinctive ethereal flair.

Darkly emotional and nostalgically infectious, “Against the Wall” drives dancing waves of obsessive suffering for everyone, that weigh up angsty forlorn vocals gliding atop a crisp and throbbing backing of retro-charged clicking snares and buzzing low ends, bouncing against sparkling guitar melodies and shuddering synth arpeggios, swirling into dim dazzling skies lit by twinkling slivers of hope.

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