WL//WH Video Of The Day: VELVET CATHEDRAL “Thirds”


Perhaps some of you might remember, around 2011/15, the indecipherable genre-defying solo project I DO NOT LOVE / IDNL. from Mansfield, Massachusetts, which could afford the luxury of seamlessly transitioning from an essentially indie-pop, synthpop-bound label like the currently inactive Breton Beko Discs to the goth horror-esque soundtrack electronic witch-house sonic narrative by the German imprint Phantasma Disques.

After a long hiatus, relocated to Los Angeles, the producer and singer Gregory Miller returns surprisingly with a new moniker, Velvet Cathedral, and the debut EP, “think about it”, with an off-kilter electronic sound equally aquatic and vaporous, teetering between Dark Wave,  Dream Pop and Shoegaze, somehow correlates to atmospheric leanings of his last period.

The disorienting closing track of the EP, “Thirds”, unfurls distorted, unbalanced frequencies that warp tangled, jerkily glistening guitar riffs to forge inebriated paths of uncertainty and dread through clashing and dishevelled auras of drilling drum beats, chaotic bursts, meandering organic bass lines, and warm rising synth swathes to smother distant, haunted baritone sobs with eerie whispers and ambient ripples of helpless, obsessed fears, sinking silently below the surface of a reanimating dream.

The symbolic DIY video instils red and blue aquamarine dimensions melt and moult beneath glistening crystalline seashores to extract abstract textures of sunlit gloom. Neon-tinted lysergic transitions with soaked sandy beaches, rain dropped tears, and vast pink and purple horizons to create an endless flow of catharsis stirred by the magic of swirling turtles’ weightless glow.

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