WL//WH Track Of The Day: ELICRISO “Ultimo Respiro”

Track Of The Day  Elicriso

Elicriso is a brand new Italian duo, formed by Saverio Tonarini and Daniele Castellani, from Cecina, Tuskany, not too far from Florence where originated Diaframma, one of most important Italo darkwave bands of the early ’80s, to which in the guitar work and the tenebrous tone of the voice the pair may recall, albeit with a completely modern twist.

“Illusioni Distorte” is the title of Elicriso‘s self-released 6-track debut EP.

Melding moody darkwave gloom with minimalistic coldwave detachment and Gothic accents, “Ultimo Respiro / Last Breath”delves deep into a winding, equally atmospheric and disturbing, icy cold dim darkness induced by ominously meandering, deadly pulsing basslines to stir up morose emotions, backed by unremitting repetitive synthetic beats, interspersed by laconic double claps, as intensely frozen bleak synth washes injecting strains of pain and desolation over profound doom-laden funereal vocals, straight from the deepest bottomless pit of a tormented soul. At last, a dismal bass throbs faster and intensely along with blinding foreboding synth swells, while on top subtle transfixing guitar cuts bleed out last drops of life in a ‘last breath’.

Immersive, severe, sometimes claustrophobic and even oddly romantic, it’s the dark depressing, yet elegant, sound of the isolation, despair, hopeless grief, and all-encompassing dread of existence.

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