WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE VIOLENT YOUTH “Дорого | Dorogo | Precious”

Video Of The Day The Violent Youth

In the wake of its fourth and second in its native Russian-language studio album, “Ostavaites Na Linii | Hold The Line”, Belarusian New Wave /Synth Pop/ Post-Punk band, The Violent Youth, led by Augsburg-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Arthur Tsymbal with the collaboration of Moscow resident and keyboardist Egor Ivakhnenko, have dropped a symbolic DIY video for the emotionally evocative new single “Дорого | Dorogo | Precious”.

A song about coping with the disenchantment of a breakup by holding on to fond memories while trying desperately to forget the shattered dreams.

Heightened melancholic emotions drive deep digging bass lines to inject ominous brooding moods below rolling, stumbling drum machine beats and droning atmospheric synth glows, whilst sparkling, obsessive guitar melodies sew searing pain and burning eternal sadness into the bleak alternating vocalizations of numb baritone somberness and warm heartfelt cries, left hanging unbalanced in a turbulent sway of regretful heartache.

A dramatic video, directed by Arthur Tsymbal himself, Ignaz Engelmann, and Johanna del Castillo, cuts time between depressive darkness and joyful light to divide the mind’s eye into black and white dimensions of desire and fear. Cold, dim isolation writhes in the nocturnal shadows of broken promises to contort, dement, and overpower bright and cheery daylight dancing with heavy clouds of discomfort and suffering as the devastated and lonely lyrics describe, “Everything dear to me is gone.”

The Violent Youth‘s new album, “Ostavaites Na Linii”, is out now, on 12″ Vinyl LP /Cassette /CD /Digital, via Sierpien Records RU and A La Carte Records USA

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