WL//WH Track Of The Day : SOMA CAKE ‘Keep Them Away’

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Bands like Soma Cake confort and reassure me that it’s still not time to give up and my old dear habits still have sense, the effort and time in digging for new bands and artists will pay off, those usual bass lines or guitar chords, even if heard them zillions of times., those melodies or stark energy, are always able to raise new emotions and intense passion.

A magic that may come, thanks to the web, from anywhere in the world like this young Mexican duo, made of Jose Chávez (guitar & vocals) and Alexis Rios (bass), from Reynosa, right on the border with Texas, they’ve just released their debut full-length “Girls Bite Harder”, after a couple of singles characterized by amazing cinematic covers, which may recall the mythical artwork of The Smiths, who represent also the most clear influence both in the vocals inflections and the jangly guitars.

There’s plenty of great songs on this vastly exciting 10-track album, from the single ‘Hopes And Fears’ to the reverb-drenched ‘These Heavy Silver Doors’, the jangle ‘Red’ just to highlight a few, with a first-half more experimental and influenced by post-punk and shoegaze, and a second one a with a hefty dose of shadowy jangle guitar sound.

‘Keep Them Away’, probably the most post-punk number of the lot, is cold, minimal, and effective, the precise drums and the wonderful pulsing bass lines lay the foundation, soon wrapped in a dramatic and evocative swells of cold synths and an electrifying haze of reverbed guitars underpinned by the emotionally loaded vocals laced with deep melancholy and nostalgia. 

Thrilling, poignant and addictive, “Girls Bite Harder” is an absolutely pleasure to listen to.

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