WL//WH Video of the Day: PALISSADE “M’Éloigner”

Video Of The Day  Palissade

Based in Quebec City, Canadian trio Palissade, comprised of Thomas Denux-Parent (lyrics, vocals, guitar,) Catherine Roussel (synths) and Martin Labbé (bass guitar), offers ’80s-tinged, melodic post-punk sound with cold wave overtones and an alluring French twist, as much energetic and danceable, as it is cold and introspective.

Following the EP “Éclats” in 2017, the band are going to release their Self-Titled 8-track debut album, due out, Vinyl and Digital, on February 28, 2020, preceded by the music video for the track M’éloigner and two songs as a pre-release. 

In “M’Éloigner” dire urgent intense guitar chords tread above deeply abrasive repetitive throbbing bassline mixed with steady mid-tempo drum beats, and ominous rising synth melodies growing in weary agitation around haunted, subdued spectre-like male vocals, struggling to comprehend the violent storm of emotions dancing in a sombre embrace with the startled rhythm of his heart.

Fatalistic lyrics beg “Keep away” in hopes of escaping the helpless toxic pull into self-inflicted shame while shadows cast fear onto hidden obsessions bleeding into carnal fear as lust and physical attraction prove harder to tame than expected.

Captivating horror movie-infused visuals, directed by Nicolas Ouellet and featuring Noémie F. Savoie, portrays a woman lost between death and hope in a mental struggle to escape reality. Pale muted trees surround a trembling figure stumbling dazed from the woods into the warmth of cosy dinner. Three ghastly figures stand motionless in the bare ruins of a wooden structure, waiting for the truth to unfold. Comfort turns to madness as black and white photography encapsulates the sensual dance of a woman who appears to be falling as she grasps for her mirror image. Strobe lights flash as time reverses taking a terrible turn before revealing a pale bloodless corpse lying on the rich green moss, the three witnesses are satisfied, the forest has been fed.

Palissade‘s self-titled debut LP is going to be launched on February 28, 2020, at the Scanner Bistro (291 Rue Saint-Vallier E, Quebec).

Upcoming shows:

28/02 Quebec, QC // Scanner Bistro (Official release)
29/02 Ottawa, ON // House of Targ
06/03 Chicoutimi, QC // Bar a Pitons
28/03 Trois-Rivieres, QC // Le Zenob
09/05 Montreal, QC // L’Escogriffe

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