WL//WH Video Of The Day: INDIGO RANCH “Moorish Rose” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  INDIGO RANCH

Following the first single, “Spectre”, we featured at the start of the month, Indigo Ranch, the DIY Industrial-inflected atmospheric Post-Punk music project of Philadelphia-based duo Emily Eichelberger (Vocals, Guitar, Programming) and John Pyle (Bass, Programming), return with the Official Video, created by Mark Diehl, for “Moorish Rose”, another intriguing anticipation from the band’s debut 12-track album “Hard Gloss”, due out today May 31, 2024 via Happy Families.

The dark emotional discomfort of “Moorish Rose” fuels undying hypnotic heartbeats interlaced with lilting hissed scrapes, to palpitate along a harsh, hazy pain-filled droning flow, kneaded by bleak humming basslines and abrasive ringing guitar distortion, whilst haunted, almost ghost-like vocals suffer in abandonment from another’s double persona.

The obscure atmospheric visuals by Mark Diehl layer hypnotic revolutions with life and death symbols and a surreal performance by Indigo Ranch to sync with the introspection of the soundtrack. A thought-provoking flow of dualistic imagery cast in evocative red and blue lighting, shapeshifting smoke, and interpretive silhouettes exposes the inverted perception of unreconciled shadow-self deception.

Indigo Ranch‘s ‘perfect rainy day glum’ debut album, “Hard Gloss”, will be released, in Ltd. Vinyl 12″ & Digital formats, today via Chicago‘s independent label Happy Families, available on Bandcamp and soon on Spotify.

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