WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE ARTHUR BROTHERS “Watson”

Video Of The Day  The Arthur Brothers

London, UK  based trio The Arthur Brothers is an artistic alliance centred around brothers Matt and Danny Arthur, the duo are complemented by the presence of producer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist J. C. Wright

The very end of last year’s debut album, “Nine”, epitomises a musical project as nuanced as it is flamboyant, unbound and unburdened by genre.

The group drop a high-tech video, directed by J. C. Wright and Emils Lisovskis, for the cinematic track “Watson“, the final single from the epic debut album “Nine” via ClearLight Records and Declared Goods.

A magical web of sonic realms fuses the throbbing vigor of organic piano notes with a metallic mist of reverb strewn energy, hearty bass tones and alternating percussive patterns to enhance an intense atmosphere of Rock Opera vocalizations reminiscent of Freddy Mercury and Queen. The vocals combine the powerful emotions and lead dramatizations with catchy sweeping backup harmonies and different personified distortions, whilst a nostalgic, wistful guitar interlude sets the stage for a chilling mood change. Beautifully haunting violin melodies capture the essence of a lost innocence, while angry, vengeful echoes emblazoned by a harsh defiance reveal the inner thoughts of our dear Watson, “I am more than wires, You can’t control me”, culminating in a menacingly hypnotic riff cut in thunderous drumbeats and intricate instrumentation where the suspenseful finale hangs in the balance.

Narrative lyrics unravel a vast array of supporting characters around the main role of “Watson”, a vulnerable and confused sentient being unsure of who or what he is” to conclude in a final heartbeat that emerges from the chaos to leave the listener transfixed on the “ambiguity of Watson’s possible mutation into human form.”

The esoteric video incorporates old public domain footage with mind-blowing Generative Art sequences using the A.I. Programming of nature-inspired simulations created by Ivan Isakov, PhD (Creative Technologist, Physicist, Engineer), to travel through the mind’s eye of imagination and form a visual history of Man’s ongoing struggle with the Machine.

Rapid-fast automated movements overlay the simple beauty of Mother Nature’s design to create a distracting, un-natural flow of motion against the grain of human subconsciousness. Swirling pixelations compose bright flashing red and blue dimensions atop the heterogeneous urban streets, entering a dynamic stream of consciousness, where learning, programming, and imaginative thought fuse into a visceral web of connections. Colorful blossoms, retro Sci-Fi travels, and an infinite galaxy of mathematical Fibonacci sequences emerge as mechanical, synchronized footwork marching across a vast matrix of gages, theorems, and scientific experiments measure the drastic surge of humanity’s technological advancement. A rush that pushes blood vessels, neural pathways, and arteries into unsustainable limits using subliminal auras to overload the circuitry of hidden existence with greed, control, and manipulation, vanishing under a superficial veil of smiling holographic faces into the distant horizon of a war-torn sunset.

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