WL//WH Video Of The Day: STILLEHAVET “Cosmos”

Video Of The Day Stillehavet 

Bjørnafjorden, Norway‘s dark electronic duo Stillehavet, made up of Marit Elisabeth Svendsbøe Stedje and Gaute Stedje, release a captivating video for the first single “Cosmos” off their upcoming sophomore album “Kama Muta” due out on November 11, 2020.

Combining awe-inspiring electronics with intense and emotional vocalizations to form a dark and atmospheric soundscape of beauty and allure.

Slow aching expansions riveted by muffled thumping beats that scratch through dirty bass oscillations, while beautiful airy female vocals layer gentle breathless ecstasies with piercing agonies, shifting pace and intensity with the wild fluttering synth’s asymmetry into submerged ghost-like exhalations.

Surreal, mossy textures ignite lo-fi video, reflecting on the “Cosmos” with a majestic gasp of nostalgic sadness, flowing against the faceless river’s undertow to spin tall treetops over a wistful daydream’s smile. Hands dance weightlessly through a seemingly underwater world, where a frog flips backwards under a spider web of double helix overlays, pulsing hypnotically into otherworldly dimensions.

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