WL//WH Video Of The Day: SLEEP OVERLOAD “Demon Lights”

Video Of The Day  Sleep Overload

Sakhalin Oblast-based, Russian Darkgazers Sleep Overload, made of Eugene Zhuk (Music, Lyrics and Recording) and the recently added Kristina Simonova on guitar & vocals, have released an Occultic music video for the sign of the times song“Demon Lights”, the title track from the brand new 2-track single.

Supernatural dominions blow fuzzy, droning gusts of searing, magnetic reverb-infused distortion through sharp, ringing guitar strings, low, treacherous bass lines, blurry off-tempo snare beats, and a witchy atmospheric hum to form a strong, swirling apocalyptic hellfire around the spite and angst of dark-ethereal female vocals summoning sentient manifestations from the dark force of life.

Horror DIY video, featuring Dash (Dark Om), casts the red and blue dimensions of hell over a shadowy ritual séance performance. Tenebrous smoky auras summon demonic vibes from a ceremonial tarot reading, while an eerie glowing T.V. set flashes doomsday warnings over a static screen. Hypnotic strobing dance sequences, blinking computer lights, and a rising flow of incense haze induces a deep meditational connection, conjuring otherworldly entities to form shadows and illuminations in a dangerous attempt to interview the Devil himself.

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