WL//WH Video of the Day: ECHOBERYL “Blue Ophelia” (Super 8 edit) [Official Video]

Video Of The Day  ECHOBERYL

WL//WH is pleased to welcome Adriano Iacoangeli and Cecilia Dassonneville, the Paris-based Dark Electronic storytellers ECHOBERYL, back to the blog for a wonderfully intuitive video in Super 8 by Cecilia Dassonneville herself, “Blue Ophelia”, off the 10-track 2021 LP Mother Solitude and Other Dark Tales, via their own independent label Mother Solitude Records.

Blue Ophelia” spins Arthur Rimbaud’s 1870 poem “Ophélie” into a haunting adoration, igniting rubbery slithering bass tones, dry clapping beats, and chilling icy bright stabs to create rolling wistful melodies with sad fluting blows around atmospheric vocals, layering vulnerable melancholy with lost distant cries and secret French whispers, to invoke a dark decadent and mystical realm of beauty and suffering.

Creative, immersive visuals shot on a vintage Super 8 by Cecilia Dassonneville star Zoé Basso as Ophelia, to sync seamlessly with the surreal aesthetic of the soundtrack. On point costume, makeup, and an intimate outdoor setting perfectly channel John Everett Millais’ stunning iconic 1852 Pre-Raphaelite art masterpiece and one of the most famous Shakespearean-themed paintings, to pull the viewer into a living view of the desperate heroine, whilst introspective flashbacks and suggestive symbolism stir feelings of sadness and shame for the tragic loss of life at the hands of romantic betrayal.

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