WL//WH Video Of The Day: SINCLAIR NOIRE “Vampire Drowns” (Official Music Video)


Sinclair Noire is the stage name of the Austin, Texas-based vocalist, synthesist, and guitarist Ethan Stafford who began the act in 2023 as a solo Gothic Rock project. Bassist Stephen Fernandez and drummer Von Dasa joined him and now the trio drop a DIY Gothic Vampire tale directed by Ethan Stafford himself for the new single, “Vampire Drowns,” giving us a tease of the band’s forthcoming debut LP.

Exploring early Christian Death and Fields of the Nephilim goth-infused flares, dark emotional mists radiate from obsessive piercing guitar strains, resonant murky throbbing bass lines, and soulless drum beats, to surround a sinister shapeshifting vocal of haunted broods, angry distortions and maniacal laughs, with blurry layers of eerie icy bright keys and scorching anguished melodies.

Surreal twilight visions over the Hill Country of Austin, Texas, directed by Ethan Stafford with the help of cinematographers Simon Diaz and Eric Hueber, set a supernatural tone for a performance by Sinclair Noire, as a mysterious Gothic Romance unfolds. I’ll have to say the make-up worn by Ethan Stafford is truly frightening, and you might be surprised to know that he also plays the wounded soldier. The thoughtful wardrobe and an Arthurian sword and the stone nod take you to a war-torn forest where you can easily imagine vampires living behind the scenes. All the ingredients are here, an epic confrontation, a bite to the neck of a beautiful woman, and a tragic ending, that will keep you on the edge of the seat, so to speak, whilst listening to the haunting classic ’80s Post Punk/Gothic Rock tune.

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