Part of the highly interesting and constantly growing ‘Nueva Ola Mexicana’, coldwave duo Procesamiento Digital de Señales, comprised of Fernando Sanchez and Sharon Aguilar, active since 2017, with a couple of EP’s and participation in compilations under their belt, shared between fellow We are one Records and Peruvian imprint InClub, have dropped the last tune “No Título” from the EP“Memoria”.
’80s UK post-punk tinged sad and melancholic melodies enhanced by the contrast between the winding heart-pounding gloomy bass throbs and warm plaintive deep vocal tones with subtle glacial synth expansions and the surgical mechanical precision of the rhythm section lit with minimalistic bright guitar textures, to create something truly emotional and powerful, synthetic and organic at the same time.
“No Título” unravels austere and gloomy moods weaved by alluring poignant bassline of achingly melodic propulsiveness, stabbed by off-tempo whipping beats in sync with snappy percussive clicks, awash by icy clear spacious synth flows, that sinuously warbles and pulses in growing releasing intensity along melancholic baritone male vocals, reverberating in moody isolation, as flashy ethereal shimmers of prickling guitar notes rouse occasional shaft of light at the end of the dim tunnel.

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