WL//WH Video Of The Day: Schröttersburg “Keter / Crown”

Video Of The Day Schröttersburg 

More than two years since the third LP, “Melancholia”, released via Batcave Productions, Polish Post-Punk trio from Płock, Schröttersburg, are back with the first preview from the forthcoming 4th album, titled “Krew”, on No Pasaran Records, through the music video, created by Alberto Mendez, for the gripping new track “Keter.”

Distinctive of the band’s cold and poignant brand of post-punk, imbued of ‘Art! Noise! Punk !’, “Keter” instils eerie reverb that pierces ominous throbbing bassline undulations cut with steady punchy drum beats, while warm, blowing synth expansions soar with emotional turmoil amid abrasive riffs and dire guitar melodies bleeding cries, as intense, anxious echoed male vocals release ominous omens through the elements of air and fire, in an enigmatic spell drifting between the time, shadow, and silence of the “Crown.”

Five different videos layer black and white footage into a dizzying array of dramatic moods manipulating deep charcoal grey skies to cast shadows of doubt over a mysterious open parachute landing in a multidimensional landscape of thrills and fear. Unflinching facial features draw stone-cold determination from a skydiver training for the jump of his life, while an intense wall cloud formation spawns funnel clouds of uncertain doom over the varying clip location’s windblown fantasy.

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