WL//WH Video Of The Day : OXY “Pink Socks”

Video Of The Day OXY

Brasilia‘s Oxy last year DIY self-titled debut EP was a surprising and dazzling burst of pop perfection, a mature and fascinating blend of shoegaze and dreampop with psychedelic undertones.

Recorded as the music project of Sara Candido (vocals, production, songwriting) and Blandu Correia (guitar, production), now a 5-piece, with the addition of Eduardo Pereira Lucas (guitar), Thiago Neves (bass, synth) and Marcelo Vasconcelos (drums), the band are back with a new single and ready to release their debut full-length titled FITA’.

 “No Shoes”, enthrals and affects since the start, introduced by a VHS insert sample sound, like watching a gripping good old movie, the guitar leads set the tone soon joined by a floating dreamlike and mesmerizing tide of synth and guitar reverbs and distortions and driving rhythms, gorgeously fitting together in a natural, effortless flow of sparkling cosmic power and rapturous lost melodies, magnified by the angelic soaring Sara’s vocals, painting a complex and tormented inner universe of melancholic intensity and sheer emotions, infectious magic alchemy that will get under your skin and steal your soul, just need to rewind the tape, press on and start again… 

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