WL//WH Track Of The Day: CANDÉLABRE “Carrion Season”

Track Of The Day Candélabre 

I would like to have more time for digging around Soundcloud or my blog feeds, I totally adore it.

Last month I bumped into a couple of tracks from a French band called Candélabre hit by such a maelstrom of colors and sensations, I was completely melting in it.

The Toulouse-based coldwave/shoegaze 3-piece Candélabre, comprised of Anthony Hérigny (guitars, bass, percussions), Cindy Sanchez (voice, guitars) and Michaël De Almeida (bass, keyboards, percussions) have just released their debut 5-track self-titled cassette EP via the eclectic and ‘lysergic’ label Blwbck.

What I’m most intrigued by “Carrion Season” is the gorgeous contrast between the yang of bleakness and the menace built by the instruments: the striking bassline, the dark scratching but even shimmering guitars, the pounding beats; and the yang of the melodies drawn by the spellbinding, sensual and unique Cindy Sanchez‘s vocals, to create a magical otherworldly yet gloomy atmosphere that will make your heart vibrate of pure bliss, lost in a seductive trance-like nirvana.

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