Wl//WH Video Of The Day: OFELIADORME “Hands”

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Inspired by Rimbaud‘s poem “Ophelie”, Ofeliadorme started in Bologna, Northeast Italy, in 2008 as a duo, Francesca Bono and Gianluca Modica, simply two friends meeting at home with a couple of guitars. Almost immediately Michele Postpischl and Tato Izzia joined the band playing drums and guitar respectively (Tato has since then abandoned guitar and now plays various synth and machines), both still an integral part of the band alonside Francesca.

“Hands” is the first unreleased track, after their critically acclaimed 2017‘s third album “Secret Fires”, that marked the start of a close and fruitful collaboration with Glasgow-born veteran musician and producer Howie B, of Björk, Tricky, U2 and Massive Attack fame and London based Pussyfoot Records co-founder.

The song has been recorded by Michele Postpischl at Bologna‘s Mushroom Sound Studio, mixed in London by Pete Hofmann and mastered by Frank Merritt. Included in the new Pussyfoot Records‘ 28-track double CD compilation “Space Is The Plaice”, it’s signature of the trio’s lately sophisticated, shadowy and poignant, electronic dreamwave sound infused with trip-hop and shoegaze undertones and spiced by Francesca‘s sensual vocals.

Dark, layered, intense, strikingly atmospheric,“Hands” is defined by cryptic, hollow alien-esque synths that resound, twirl and collide creating layers of alternate possibilities with echoing neat beats and low bass rumblings. Prominent, proud, determined vocals of fear, longing, and hope soar as drones sear and synths mist incrementally with the chorus. Formulatic ominous melodies rise with strained struggling vocals turning to whispers and slowly fading pounding heart.

A distressed woman contemplates the seriousness of her relationship, the pain it is causing and what it would be like to run away with her lover. An undisclosed element is causing them to be apart, so she reminds him of the good times, challenges him to take a chance, and take her hand.

The accompanied black & white video, directed and edited by Seth Morley, uses dramatic cityscapes, flashing lights, shadows, and contrasts to create a lonely, terrified, yearning existence. Images of fire, blood, and decay represent the destruction that almost extinguishes a fate written in the stars. Not to worry, they are holding hands at the end!

Evocative mysterious synths, profound lyrics and charismatic vocals, with beautifully expressive acting make for an engaging and immersive love song.

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