WL//WH Track Of The Day: NACROMATIC “Ozymandias”

Track Of The Day   Nacromatic

Delving since 2019 into a hypnotic and vibrant combination of post-punk and shoegaze sprayed with psychedelia and indie-rock, Nacromatic is the alter ego of Mexico-native musician and composer Javi Maldonado.

The new single conjures arcane and moody darkwave inflexions with a lysergic bent, enshrouded in a cloak of mysticism, to depict an apocalyptic domain invoking powers of dark oppressive strength, destruction, and finally rebirth.

A simmering, shadowy, atmospheric track that unfurls over metronomic beats, interspersed by clicking kicks and cymbal crashes, while a desolate and poignant interplay between deep pulsing murky and sombre bass swells and sorely wailing guitar flickers, imbued by a sense of latent existential melancholy, between pain and ecstasy, waxing and waning with fully hypnotic and all-consuming pent-up tension, encapsulated by ominous, chilly, haunted vocals, brooding in distorted trembling emotions, to drop fear, anger, and angst into a sad, shattered reverie.

On the basis of the songs released till now, Nacromatic is a project still looking for its own distinctive sound, which still has plenty of room to grow.

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