WL//WH Track Of The Day: L’APPEL DU VIDE “Das Programm”

Track Of The Day  L’APPEL DU VIDE  

Established in Autumn 2019 in Chemnitz, Ost Germany, 4-piece band APPEL DU VIDE follow up the 4-track Demo from almost a couple of years ago with the first teaser, “Das Programm”, from their forthcoming proper debut 7″ Vinyl EP “Abwärtsspirale” due out on 27th May 2022 through It‘s Eleven Records.

The quartet plays a vibrant, abrasive and melodic emotional-ridden melding of dark and moody (Post) Punk with Surf-inflected somberly sparkling and turbulent guitar leads invigorated with rollicking ragged The Pixies-like Noise Rock, as the new single perfectly summarizes.

“Das Programm” is laced with modern dystopic lyrics that blend elements of corporate/governmental spying and tracking technologies with a stalker-ish love song to elicit feelings of obsession, fear, and paranoia.

A stutteringly peppy drum pattern drives wistful reedy keyboard reels, grounded by a warbling bleak bassline plonking along, obsessively pierced by sorrowful prickly wails of distorted, keening guitar melodies and twangy-charged, tragically descending sharp riffs atop gripping and evocative intertwining male-female vocals, to layer curt, numb, and oppressive confessions with breathless high-anxieties, tumbling heavily through a chaotic mist of paralyzed dread.

APPEL DU VIDE‘s 4-track debut 7″ Vinyl EP, “Abwärtsspirale”, will be released on 27th May 2022, via It‘s Eleven Records (IER 006).

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Picture by Karsten