WL//WH Video Of The Day: 122 NORTH “Drive”

Video Of The Day   122 NORTH

Hailing Saint Jérôme, Québec, 122 North is the electro-pop music project of Danny Provencher (a.k.a. Under Electric Light), heavily influenced by the Madchester/Acid House era of the late 80s early 90s, who unveils the first single, “Drive”, taken from his debut mini-album “Night Drive”, scheduled to be released in early September via Brest based independent label Too Good To Be True.

The sun-drenched and addictive “Drive” takes us into the heat of a summer twilight, where we would sway poolside or nod our head lounging on the sunbeds, with a compulsory cocktail in hand, all set to the sound of a Balearic-tinged techno-pop that owes a lot to “Technique”-period New Order and to the heyday of Factory Records.

Warm glowing synth swathes rise under whimsical energy of twinkling resonant chord melodies, a deep burbling and pulsing bass line, along with syncopated muffled beats, while gentle, dreamy male vocal’s airy breathes of serene happiness fall weightless through a mercurial serenade of intoxicating breezes.

Poetic lyrics unravel in a beautiful love song wrapped in the flowing metaphor of a night “Drive” to express everlasting patience and spontaneous bliss.

Using vintage footage from The Prelinger Archives San Francisco, the visuals display a matte urban scenery that transforms retro-modern architectures, vehicles, and fashion into a nostalgic summer daydream. A futuristic, James-bond automobile, landlines, and automated office machinery extract lost memories of evolution through a spinning facade of windows, panning lenses, and angular camera work. Romantic fantasies glide through a windblown subconscious desire to reflect on a sunset, while ominous rain clouds overshadow the peaceful serendipity with a dark sky for the near future.

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