WL//WH Video Of The Day : OFELIA ORTODOXA “Archaic Spelling”

Video Of The Day Ofelia Ortodoxa

Ever more frequently several musicians/acts from South America, with a minimal instrumentation of synths and drum machines, start to create dark and intense electronic music spanning from synthwave, darkwave, minimal synth, EBM and beyond. One of the most interesting is Colombian solo project by Medellin based Juan Camilo Marin Betancur. 

After around 5 tracks in less than an year, he’s just released a new video for the new tune “Archaic Spelling”.

The gloomy brooding mixture of guitars, beats and nostalgia create an intriguing air of mystery and a promising debut. 

Buzzing, ominously resonant bass synth lines interlace unrelentingly with reverb drenched guitar flourishes alternate between sorrowful crystalline melodies and sharp piercing notes, while hypnotic strong, repetitive backbeats remain steady submerging deep haunted vocals of sorrow, distressed retrospection. Midway, beats become light and metallic, random guitar notes waver and vocals fill with disgust creating an urgent moody atmosphere of confusion.

A token triggers memories of a broken relationship filled with love and regret. Flashes of his girlfriend affectionately saving a pearl for their collection transition to visions of crying pleas for change. Consumed by remorse and sadness over the failed union he moves forward down the path of broken promises.

The accompanied video uses black and white photography, point of view, and landscapes to portray contrast, conflict, and ambiguity. Someone is looking in an aircraft doorway at an old telephone contemplating a phone call. Suddenly, it zooms in as if about to be used but the scene changes leaving the decision unknown. Aerial views out a plane window of valleys, rivers, and clouds embody the turmoil, choices, and transformation of the broken bond.

Cryptic lyrics, sad and melancholic harmonies combined with moody forlorn vocals and a vintage vibe of the visuals construct a sensual, mysterious allure to let your imagination fly!

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