WL//WH New Music: MOOD OF A SINNER “Thou Never Dreameth” (Disenchantment)


Formed in 2023 to experiment with the identity of theatre, religious themes, storytelling, and surrealism, the San Diego, CA-based Romantic Deathrock band Mood of a Sinner embraces a variety of influences that range from, but are not limited, to Deathrock, Post-punk, Black Metal, Disco, Emo, Indie Rock, etc.

The five-piece have been playing live gigs around San Diego and Los Angeles since May 2023, whilst working on a debut concept album and preparing for a January 26 show at Malign@North End Hollywood, and have dropped a music video for  “Thou Never Dreameth” (Disenchantment),  the latest of Mood of a Sinner’s first two singles in a row, only a few weeks after “Under the Veil.”

The early Christian Death-tinged “Thou Never Dreameth” is a wonderfully written song, told through a concerned lens of poverty and suffering, about a fearful soul who is deeply confused, even angered, by a lost loved one’s, perhaps indoctrinated, lifestyle choices.

Relentless angsty gloom rouses sinister and sharp-edged distorted guitar swarms along with jagged abrasive riffs to strobe mercilessly over obsessive bittersweet melodies, steady mid-tempo punchy drum beats, and a resonant sinuously chugging bass line, creating lush dramatic textures of dizzying emotions around morbid, dry, aching vocals, struggling to find perspective and purpose after a crisis of faith. 

At first glance, one might think they were watching a vintage murder mystery due to the exquisite amount of detail that went into each band member’s signature Gothic vampire style. With a haunting sepia-tinted lens filter, you can easily imagine this five-piece crew walking the candle-lit streets of the Old South’s haunted New Orleans. They even throw in a symbolic hanged man tarot card reference amid model-esque poses, giving the viewer something to ponder whilst enjoying the show.

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