WL//WH Video Of The Day: OTHER-ED “These Eyes”

Video Of The Day Other-ed

Other-ed is the solo project of Laur, one half and vocalist of French darkwave act Vague Scare based in Besançon, as a means of addding late 80s/early 90s industrial elements to his dark synth-led songwriting contribution and of  expressing his views on themes about animal liberation and anti-speciesism.
Other-ed debuted with a compelling self-released six-track debut EP entitled “Disruptive Synthetic” in the first few days of the year, from which is taken the song “These Eyes” and the accompanied DIY video.
Ominously rumbling and syncopated bassline bounces, slashed in metallic clashes and cracking whip strikes, heightened by sparse icy lustrous synth flows, amid vintage arcade effects, sonar beeps, and swirling bursts, as sad, helplessly haunted male vocals sink and plea with an eerie spectre-esque duet, drifting deep in inescapable death.

Metaphor lyrics reveal a man left to drown in guilt and desperation, seeking answers he will not find and asking for help that will never arrive. With no escape, he finds comfort in dark brooding isolation, as the foreboding memories consume him in shame “Can’t forget these eyes.”

Black and white night vision video blurs moving shapes, contorting the industrial overcrowded stench emanating from the chickens, cows, and pigs scurrying from a conveyor belt bringing them to slaughter. A witness stares vacantly, while time-lapsed negative photography distorts the violence employed in the gluttonous murder of innocents as flies swarm ravenously above the rows of corpses.

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