WL//WH Video Of The Day : METAL DISCO “Vade Mecum (feat. Keren Batok)”

Video Of The Day

Low-profile Greek ‘analog technoid electronics’ project of  Toxic Razor, also half of the band Paradox Obscuris working on his second full length after the debut “Unearthly Vices” in 2015 and the recent excellent “Devil Explicit” EP on Detonic Recordings.

“Vade Mecum”, the first preview, is a collaboration with the ‘on fire’ Georgian singer-songwriter at ISOTROPíA and artist, vocalist, poet at Red Sol and Ψ / PsiKeren Batok who provides also lyrics and visuals.

Charged with a ghostly, eerie and unsettling vibe, it starts with ominous, hypnotic synths and minimal and repetitive beats that buzz inward, Karen‘s vocals are pleading, detached and seductive adding a sensual, icy exterior.

Surrounded by analogue, droning, infectious, danceable dark electronic pulses, the Georgian artist sings and dances as a tempting, secluded black goddess of death pleading to have someone come to her, get lost and never go anywhere else. She arouses feelings of unrequited love, sacrifice (the stigmata and cross poses) and deep sadness at her total isolation waiting for him/her to come.

A genuine disturbing and bewitching feast for our eyes, ears, and minds.

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