WL//WH Track Of The Day: LURVE “Right Moment”

Track Of The Day  LURVE

Already familiar over here in their previous moving incarnation as Gaarden, the RussianEstonian dream-punk duo is back, under the new moniker Lurve [/ ləːv / Love – typically in humorous reference to romantic infatuation], continuing to infuse infectious sparky and vibrant atmospheric guitar pop with nostalgic and melancholic harmonies, drawing from early 80s UK post-punk, hazy 90’s shoegaze and some 2000s Captured Tracks bands like Beach Fossils.

Remaining faithful to the band’s name, the angsty and nostalgic new single wanders obsessively through the doubts and hesitations concerning love, eternally waiting too long for the “Right Moment”.

Pen-tup earnest, brazen energy repetitively stutters and wavers with vigorous strummed guitar’s building ringing strain, awash by wistful airy synth sweeps, to bounce into a climactic apex of forlorn vigour with punchy drumbeats, sinuously deep bassline, and sparkling jangly guitar melodies, swinging along with high and hazy male vocals that float and fade amid falling cries through an anxious stream of racing thoughts.

LURVE new single “Right Moment”, taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album, is out now via Sidney-based bedroom record label Library Group Records.

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