WL//WH Video Of The Video : ULTRAVIOLENCE “Into a Bolder”

Video Of The Video

Indonesian cold wave / post punk duo Ultraviolence from Malang, made of Torkis Waladan and Maulana Akbar (also member of shoegazers Hellens), continue their introspective and visceral, as it is romantic and cathartic path into the suffering and pain of existence, marked by a distinctive tense, minimalistic sound increasingly disturbing, touching and immersive. 

“Into a Bolder” is all about failure, pain, and ultimately depression. There is no escape, from the isolation, emptiness and hopelessness felt deep inside. 

Sublimely sombre and mournful guitar resonate in a sea of sorrow and resignation ruffled by dense pulses of grim bass lines and stark synthetic rhythm. The frustrated tortured baritone vocals are resolute yet void of emotion dipped in intense sorrow, melancholy  and crippling claustrophobia.

A song of an achingly and at the same time subtle intensity that’s difficult to be ignored.

The video parallels the song beautifully with images of a young woman desperately staring into a mirror, feeling isolated and bored in the presecne of others, candles blowing out into darkness. The scenes of her agonizing pain as she cries out but no one hears, pounding fists of frustration, ending with a shower of rose petals as she falls back into her bed, closes her eyes and receives the darkness from inside.

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