WL//WH Video OF The Day: LASITUD “Nenúfares / Water Lilies”

Video Of The Day  LASITUD  

Mexican dream-pop /shoegaze fivesome based in Villahermosa, Lasitud, comprised of Andrés Contreras (Guitar,) Paola Gavilla (Vocals/Synth,) Julio Beli (Vocals/Guitar,) Max Campos (Bass,) and José Gorrochotegui (Drums), are back with a tender-hearted music video, directed by Joan Ramírez, for the soul-stirring track “Nenufares” (Water Lilies).

In an immersive concoction of introspective dream-pop interludes, hazy shoegaze wall-of-sound expansions and chiming post-rock builds, “Nenufares” unfurls poignant glistening strummed guitars that carve wistful melodies around a beautiful emotional interplay of male/female vocal harmonies, swaying angsty forlorn passions, echoes, and croons ebbing and flowing over sinuous palpitating basslines, hypnotic drum beats along with turbulent bursts of intense fuzzy reverb-strewn distortion and airy, quivering, ringing vibrations, in a whimsical whirlwind of heated romance.

The sentimental video depicts a day in the life of three college students with an evocative drama. Campus wanderings, a talent show, and social dilemmas fuse into a gripping tale of jealousy and simmering desire, where an intoxicating impulse creates a tumultuous tide of lost love, new friendships and uncertain futures. On-point acting skills and strategic camera work build tension and intimacy with lights and shadows, zoom lens angles, and a thoughtful plot, to draw the viewer into another world of youthful fantasy and heartfelt pain in sync with the vivid human feelings of the soundtrack.

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