WL//WH Video Of The Day : JOY/DISASTER ‘Kisses & Pain”

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Joy/Disaster is a alternative / post-punk 4-piece from Nancy, France.

To be honest I didn’t know this French band formed in 2005, the forthcoming “Resurrection” is already their 6th album! I quickly looked into their past and seem they also had periods heavily influenced by grunge and metal as last year EP “Mü” that sincerely it’s not my cup of tea.

I usually don’t trust bands without a clear path, but judging by the last two songs I listened to recently, they appear to be on the right one, at least for my own taste. 

‘Kisses & Pain” is rooted in a brooding, melancholic and elegant take on 80’s post-punk, built on gloomy effect-drenched guitars lines, bouncing rhythm section, emphasized by an evocative deep vocals, and draped with such dense layers of atmosphere to becoming a fully thrilling, intriguing and utterly satisfing listening experience.

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