WL//WH Track/Video Of The Day: DANCER “Love”

Track Of The Day  DANCER 

The Scottish Math /Art-Rock /Indie-Pop /Post-punk, or whatever you want to tag it, outfit from Glasgow, Dancer, comprises members from esteemed local bands such as Nightshift (Trouble in Mind), Order of the Toad (Gringo Records), Robert Sotelo (Upset the Rhythm) and Current Affairs (Tough Love), drop the first single, titled “Love”, from the upcoming second EP, “As Well”, the follow-up to last February’s self-titled debut 6-tracker via fellow independent label GoldMold Records.

Whilst arousing a fair number of past, Delta 5, Television, Bush Tetras and Life Without Buildings in particular, and present, Dry Cleaning, suggestions, the group shows a distinctive knack for writing infectious songs that are both stripped down and intricate, as well as angular and harmonious, without any redundancy or adulteration, yet refreshingly clean, strikingly bouncy and crispy, with a simple straightforward approach and DIY punk spirit, led by an intensely arresting vocal magnetism to eviscerate all feelings and emotions.

Lyric-wise a search for guilty pleasures dramatically turns into an overwhelming confession of love.

“Love” seamlessly crawls along steady drumming and rippling, rubbery basslines, glistening trembly coiling arpeggios and echoing sparkles, energetically cut through by edgy, jagged guitar riffs, on which uninhibited heartfelt vocals ramble and rear with angsty intensity into a moody obsession of emotional dreams.

As often, unfortunately, happens to me, I realized the video in a second moment, here are a few words about it from Catt:

The abstract visuals pulse and spin at dizzying speeds amid vibrant strips, evocative symbols, and racing animals to sync seamlessly with the obsessive vibes of the soundtrack. Primary colors, youthful constructions, and strategic overlays open doorways to creative mental configurations, to draw insight and inspiration from the subconscious realm of fragmented memories.

Dancer‘s sophomore 5-track EP, “As Well”, is scheduled to be released, in Cassette & Digital formats, on 13th October 2023 via GoldMold Records.

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