WL//WH Track Of The Day: WARM RED “Super Bowl”

Track Of The Day Warm Red

Apparently well-known players from Atlanta, Georgia‘s DIY hardcore punk scene, in the wake of last year’s debut six-song cassette, “The Way Felt Feels”, backed by blistering and rambunctious live gigs, post-punk 4-piece Warm Red caused quite a local buzz, so much to be regarded as one of the most promising bands around.

After last week’s first preview “Legwork” from the band’s upcoming debut album “Decades of Breakfast”, due out on October 1, 2020 via State Laughter Records, it’s the turn of the second single “Super Bowl” to be unveiled.

A powerful and frantic combination of noise, post-punk and no wave, channelling discordant floods of distorted frequencies within geometrically sharp, both angular and abrasive, circular guitar riffs, amidst the heavily rhythmic energy of deadly pounding drumming and rumbling bassline, to build impending tension, ripe with alienation and disconnection, embued by the angsty raw nerves of airy manic asexual vocals that rise and fall in animated emotional moods.

As much as they are able or not to carry all their emotion-ridden and adrenaline-driven live impact into the studio, still an effective clue of a band that shows us, once again, how much, with just a minimalistic yet harsh mixture of grumbling bass, edgy jagged guitars, and hectic dangerous rhythms, through pauses and accelerations, cathartic explosions and cerebral lyrics, the noise guitar rock, charged with post-punk, if treated with passion and energy, still has something to say and can be addictive as ever.

All proceeds of Bandcamp sales will be donated to ‘Solutions not Punishment’ and other collectives like it.

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