WL//WH Video of the Day: JELLY THE ASTRONAUT “The Papers”


Italian solo work-in-progress music project from Milan, born as ‘the result of thoughts and sad music in a rented room’, while still minimalistic and atmospheric, takes aside the industrial/darkwave leanings of the previous songs for a moody, introspective and impressionistic new single, entitled “The Papers”, via brenta base records, bristling with a beautifully disconcerting emotional feel.

Nostalgic, disturbing moods fuse gentle blurry piano notes along slow light skittering drum beats and gently splashing, tinkled cymbals, subtly shaken by a slight abrasive tremor, while distant, breathy male vocals slur beneath a hazy layer of reverb infused commotion and warm humming synth swells, growing more static clad and indistinct as time moves on.

Impenetrable lyrics use quotes from favourites movies, Paolo Sorrentino “This Must Be the Place”, to stimulate memories and images from past relationships, while supporting the melancholic atmosphere set forth in the soundtrack. sinister and beautifully disconcerting feel

The accompanying music video directed by John Smith, shot between the suburbs and the downtown countryside, with Cecilia Sormani and Luca Rossetti ( @coma_of_soul_ ), depicts a seemingly ordinary black and white cityscape that leads through a wall of photographs, to reveal an alternate reality, filled with shame and secrecy, lying hidden in the basement. Eerie reflections cast doubt and suspicion over an anonymous backdrop, while subterranean darkness absconds the dignity of a woman in the act of mindlessly inhaling a cigarette. Hazy sun rays and dark silhouettes transition between the chain-smoking madness, which now consumes an artist playing the guitar like a zombie with a dead vacant stare across his eyes. Alternating scenes form an interesting statement for the lost souls seeking freedom from the deceptive ties that bind.

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