WL//WH Video Of The Day: DIESEIN “Find Your Love”

Track Of The Day  DIESEIN

Berlin-based visual artist and musician Laslo Antal, one half of esteemed Serbian coldwave duo Sixth June along with singer and actress Lidija Andonov, returns under his Diesein moniker, with an immersive music video for the lusty synth-driven track “Find Your Love”, co-starring Shira Wolf (back-up vocals) and featuring Miel Bartels on Saxophone, a sneak preview from the sophomore album, scheduled to be released in September.

Dancing amid the flashes of syncopated, broken beats and alienating clanking percussive dimensions, “Find Your Love” builds an emotional enveloping spiral in which dense, misty tragic moods and introspective, solemn wistful melodies seamlessly coalesce together, laced with a cinematic, wondrous feel, whilst a fascinating dual vocal interplay of warm male baritone strength and suave, sensual female breaths get carried away in the sultry passions of the saxophone’s vibrant organic blows.

Confessional lyrics reveal secrets, deceptions, and burning desires lie at the core of forbidden romance.

In the visuals created by Laslo Antal and Shira Wolfe themselves, filmed in Super 8 by the latter, a dramatic search for love spans across a dreamy landscape of the most important Croatian seaport, Rijeka, shaped by enigmatic architectures, tumultuous seas, and hidden skies to build tension and mystery. Blurry, black and white textures spin an eternal quest for romance under the uncertainty of cloudy horizons, while zoom lens angles capture looming dangers along a solo trek through the back alleys of lost hope. Transition scenes spark gloomy predictions with stormy winds and violent tides, to create an urgent flow of obsessions through the unpredictable currents of fate’s wicked hands.

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