WL//WH Video Of The Day: GLORIA DE OLIVEIRA “The Dead” (THE WIDE EYE Remix) 

Video Of The Day Gloria de Oliveira

Hamburg-based German/Brazilian multidisciplinary artist, musician, and filmmaker Gloria de Oliveira has released the visuals for the track “The Dead”, remixed by Swedish electronic darkwave one-man band The Wide Eye, taken from her latest compilation album “Fascination”, Vinyl and CD, via German label Reptile Music

The spooky, chilling horror soundtrack sound-infused re-work by Swedish coldwaver triggers anxious moods that sway through the unhurried hypnotic rhythms, floating in the commanding reverb of visceral bass oscillations and icy eternal male hums, layering an ambient flow of subliminal frequencies under the confident delicacy of the female vocal’s intuitive sensibilities, while warm and gentle synth swathes swirl brightly into the ritualistic concentrations of life’s fleeting existence.

Poignant lyrics form a private moment in time, when a dark ethereal conversation blurs the boundaries between supernatural conspiracies and angsty sibling rivalry, using a poetic dialogue illuminated with death, obsession, and the mundane.

Gloria de Oliveira breathes new perspectives into the bone-chilling 1965 Italian classic “Nightmare Castle” [“Gli Amanti d’oltretomba”] encompassing Director Mario Caiano’s faithful tribute to starring actress Barbara Steele for her iconic horror movie status and to Edgar Allan Poe for igniting his lifelong love with Gothic Art.

A chilling ghost story, where an extraordinary Barbara Steele beautifully embodies the good and evil, set against the majestically intimidating backdrop of a Roman Castle inhabited by monstrous haunted fresco, glamorous costumes, and a wickedly enchanting painting, that holds the hidden key to a cursed bloodline’s dire fate.

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