WL//WH Video Of The Day: VERTÉBRE “T’as dû vouloir la mort”

Video Of The Day  Vertèbre

Vertèbre, the Brittany based Electro-Dark Wave solo project of singer, composer, and writer Ron Kring from Rennes, returns to WL//WH with a haunting video, directed by Changeline, for the latest single “T’as dû vouloir la mort / You Must Have Wanted Death.”

Introspective lyrics writhe in the traumatic aftermath of an abusive relationship, where feelings of anger, self-hatred, and disgust give way to compassion and care.

Dark immersive tension and relentless industrial-dusted danger are driven by mechanical crashing snares along with murky jiggling low ends, cloaked by ritual shivering angsty synth flows, to weave an evocative array of strong, angry, restless vocals casting strange menacing swirling echoes and deep pain-filled cries into a heavy dissociative chaos of wild and witchy moods.

Eerie cinematic visuals by Changeline star Ron Kring and Thomas Billiouw as two star-crossed lovers whose surreal picnic in the country quickly turns into a nightmare as a coven of witches (Elaïs Livingston, Laetitia Jehanno, Louise Le Bars, Miléna Dohollau, Nas, Winnie) seemingly appear out of nowhere. On-point acting, symbolic props, and dramatic wardrobe set the stage for a supernatural twist where a ritual sacrifice and cathartic suffering sync seamlessly with the psychological lyrics, stunning vocal invocations, and sinister frequencies of the soundtrack.

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