WL//WH Video Of The Day: DENUIT “Deep Water”

Video Of The Day   DENUIT

Montpellier, South of France-based bewitching Goth Life-and-Death duo Ivi Topp and Lis Araignée AKA Denuit, who ‘plays cold and nocturnal but never depressing ‘Night Wave’, have just ushered us into the darkness of the netherworld, lined with pulsating blood-red walls, from their sophomore album, aptly titled “Inferno”, accompanied with the latest DIY video for the rousing track “Deep Water.”

Introspective lyrics paint a limbonic underwater domain where fear, confusion, and aimlessness take hold of a lost soul whilst searching for a purpose.

Dangerous sinking moods layer slow, staggered rhythms, sinuously vibrant basslines, and poignant stacking resonant keys into a hypnotic, immersive emotional flow around evocative atmospheric vocals, mixing numb emotionless breathes with high-pitched cries, to capture the tragic beauty of hopeless desire, left wafting helpless into hidden spirals of prowling, foreboding string strains.

The dark dramatic DIY video dives into a subconscious realm of universal symbols, vast emotional landscapes, and sinister demonic innuendos to stir subliminal guilt and shame with provocative shadowy suggestions. Sexy dance sequences, surreal visions, and thought-provoking dualism capture the wicked allusions of the soundtrack with perfect smoldering flows of intoxicating motion.

If you’re in France/Switzerland, don’t miss the band’s next live dates:

18/11 Lyon, Kraspek Myzik avec Rosse Carbon
20/11 Geneva (Switzerland) Urgence Disk Records
21/11 Paris, L’International avec Namid’A + Dj set
03/12 Nice, Altherax
06/12 Toulouse, American Cosmograph dans le cadre du Festival Setmanan

Denuit‘s second album, “Inferno”, is out now, on CD, Cassette & Vinyl formats, via Manic Depression Records.

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